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The Chongqing Major Mishaps

In a strange series of events, multiple Dota personalities, staff, and players, seem to have fallen sick, or ate something bad. Starting with the incident stemming months ago around TNC and Kuku, leading to the player getting banned from the Major. Tensions were rising when fans all wanted to call for Valve to take action. Not normally known for...

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[VCS] LowKey’s Demon Comp is Hot

If you thought that Team Liquid’s recent Glacial Comp against Team SoloMid was cool, you haven’t seen Lowkey Esports (LK) play a burning hot demon comp against Team Flash (FL) in the Vietnam Championship Series (VCS). For the uninitiated, A full demon comp provides 60% chance to burn the enemy’s mana on hit in League of...

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Auto Chess Invitational 2019 announced Premium Partner

In June 2019, Drodo Studios released the announcement of the Auto Chess Invitational 2019 with a total prize pool of $1,000,000. Today, Drodo Studios announced the first details and Premium Partners of the Auto Chess Invitational 2019. The first international championship will feature 32 players from 8 territories. This will be split into the...

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Check out the new mobile game Rumble League at Campus Game Fest 2019

The New Competitive Mobile Game Rumble League is a new mobile game, featuring 12 characters in an arena with Overwatch-like mechanics where you have to team up with other players to either secure a point (King of the Hill) or secure a payload. It’s a quick top-down mobile team-based arena game that takes a few minutes to complete per round....

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TI9 Pubstomps in Singapore: The Options

The International 2019 (TI9) is around the corner. In Singapore, what better way to enjoy peak Dota 2 than to join in on a Pubstomp. Cheer, yell and discuss the games with your friends. Even engage in some friendly banter with rival supporters. Thankfully, there are three awesome selections for you to choose from. You can even join different...

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