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The Chongqing Major Mishaps

In a strange series of events, multiple Dota personalities, staff, and players, seem to have fallen sick, or ate something bad. Starting with the incident stemming months ago around TNC and Kuku, leading to the player getting banned from the Major. Tensions were rising when fans all wanted to call for Valve to take action. Not normally known for...

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Teamfight Tactics: A Quick Peek

I had to opportunity to be first of many to try Teamfight Tactics (TFT) on the PBE Server thanks to Garena. I was given a PBE account to try it out, and try I did. Rough on the EdgesThe game is good and engaging enough to keep me occupied for hours on end. Unfortunately, my main gripe about the game remains to be the Shop UI. What’s Wrong...

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Community Spotlight: Afiz Bin Mohamed Noor

This is Afiz. He’s the face behind the Overwatch Singapore Community Facebook group, this means he’s responsible for providing much of the information to the community. He also happens to be a shoutcaster who provides assistance to clients in esports/gaming events. (I also) did some community events as well such as the Brigitte...

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