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The Chongqing Major Mishaps

In a strange series of events, multiple Dota personalities, staff, and players, seem to have fallen sick, or ate something bad. Starting with the incident stemming months ago around TNC and Kuku, leading to the player getting banned from the Major. Tensions were rising when fans all wanted to call for Valve to take action. Not normally known for...

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Female Esports League Elite comes to Shocking Conclusion

After nearly two whole months of competition across Singapore/Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, the Female Esports League Elite came to an explosive conclusion yesterday at the Singtel Recreation Club. Teams Asterisk* (ASTK) [Singapore/Malaysia], Barcy Esports (BE) [Philippines], Close Behind E-Sport (CBE) [Thailand] and EVOS Valkyrie...

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Malaysian Youth Minister Syed Saddiq and Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan Pledge RM 20 Million in support of Malaysian Esports

Announced earlier in Malaysia’s Belanjawan 2019, the country has set aside RM 10 million in development of esports for the youth. Championed by Syed Saddiq, Minister of Youth and Sports, the announcement was echoed on Twitter and delighted the Malaysian community. To which Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer and a citizen of neighboring country...

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Cloud9’s Ascension from 10th to Worlds Quarterfinals sets precedent on NA’s current formula

Growing Pains When the NALCS moved towards franchising, there was a frantic scramble for players from multiple teams. Many were speculating on teams’ strengths in the Spring Split and hoping that franchising would be the push NA needed to become more relevant internationally. When push came to shove, teams still favored veterans and imports over...

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