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Tag: Mid Season Invitational 2017

Recipe for Excellence: SKT T1 Exclusive

You are playing Support. Everything is going as it should. Your ADC is up in farm, your lane is pushing and minions are getting chip damage off the turret. You even make an effort to leave lane and ward the enemy’s jungle. Five minutes into the match Ivern ganks mid. Together with Jayce they burst Cassiopeia for First Blood and burn both your mid...

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The Untamed know No Fear: GAM Rising

Welcome to a world where Optimus calls upon Levi as his second-in-command and together using tech from Stark industries, they strategically Slay enemies according to Archie’s devious plans. Together they are the GIGABYTE Marines (GAM) and have heroically made a mark for Southeast Asia (SEA) at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2017. (Source:...

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MSI 2017 Group Stage Delivers Rollercoaster Ride

The Mid Season Invitational 2017 Group Stage has finally come to an end. After a grueling 5 days worth of League of Legends, we are finally down to 4 teams. However, the journey that brought us these 4 teams was not without strife. Usually the tournament’s top 4 teams would have been decided way before the last few games of a Group Stage....

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MSI 2017: Day 1 Matches to Watch

After an arduous 2 weeks on Play-Ins, we are finally on to the Main Event at the Mid Season Invitational 2017. A total of 36 games will be played over 5 days starting May 10. If you are strapped for time, here are some of the games that should pique your interest more than others. (Chronologically) Game 2: WE vs FW Flash Wolves came into the...

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