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[Patch] DotA 7.04 Patch Notes and Quick Take

Another patch for balance tweaks. They’ve nerfed Abaddon a little since he’s been doing so well in pubs. Magnus has been hit too as he’s been starting to become a power pick. I’m personally really happy with the Puck buffs as he’s not been doing well lately, statistically.

Keep an eye on the following heroes: Bristleback, Broodmother, Lycan, and Puck as they’ve been tweaked lately.

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DotA 7.02 Patch Notes and Quick Analysis

TL;DR Talent tree tweaks across the board.. XP gain talents generally increased, and some Talents were rearranged. Luna and Monkey King nerfed. I’ve put some talents in BOLD that I thought may be interesting. What I’m excited about is the Fog of War simulator. Most would learn how to figure out what certain wards see, with some set...

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