Games, Animation, Music, and Esports gathered together at Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre on 9 & 10 June. I dropped by to take a look once I had landed from Japan that Sunday Morning.


Arriving at around 12 noon, I was greeted by the sound of some familiar Japanese anime tunes as some the Cosplayers belted their hearts out at the IDEA Entertainment booth. Singers took turns or sang in groups at allotted time slots, which gathered a large crowd of fans both filming and dancing to the beat as they continued partying.

Welcome to the Hearth

Upon passing the gates, the Hearthstone Booth greeted me and Cresmos’ Silfer gave me a warm welcome as well as a brief introduction to the tournaments they were running. As a Hearthstone fanatic, it took a lot of restraint on my part to not join the Fireside Gathering.

Grounds for Survival

As I ventured further into the hall, I noticed a large arena of 60 players battling it out in the CPL PUBG Battle Royale. The tournament continued from the previous day and continued to be a close fight between many of the teams.

CPL invited prestigious teams like Aerowolf, Mineski, TNC and v1kings to the tournament and boy did they pull off some amazing plays. Casters Julian Tay, Andrew “Sombrero” Phillipou, Treephob “Xyclopz” Tiangtrong, and Tiffani “Babyoling” Lim did an amazing job casting the chaotic games and it led to several exciting moments, including the part where Mineski and Aerowolf landing at the same spot for their final showdown. Aerowolf eventually emerged the winner and each player brought home a gold-plated pan as their trophies.

A special shoutout also goes to Team Resurgence, our Singapore squad who performed admirably well against such competition even when the circles were almost never in their favour.


I continued to explore the area and was pleasantly surprised to find the Hado Booth in AGF. I tried playing the game once in their store at SCAPE and I must say it was a workout. It was refreshing to see gamers jump around shooting their fireballs in Augmented Reality as they battled in the tournament to grab that elusive prize pool of $1,800!

If you have not tried Hado’s interactive AR experience, I highly recommend you drop by their store at SCAPE #02-15. It will be a breathtaking experience.

You’re Nissin Out

Getting hungry after shooting all those fireballs, I darted towards the Nissin Cup Ramen stall for some of that Kyushu White goodness. I may have had just landed from Japan, but nothing could keep me away from that Japan-imported goodness. Nissin also sported their innovative Cup Noodles Tom Yum Seafood Potato Chips; Chips that were definitely unique and tasty at the same time.

What? No, I don’t…

Otakus rejoiced as AGF also contained a Tsundere Café organized by SubaToki Café. There was an entry fee but many were willing to pay for the unique experience of getting stepped on by the well-dressed Cosplayers. I may or may not have entered the Café. Not like I totally like it or anything…

Missed out on the fun? Staff Toshiro, Yumiki, Midori, Matcha, Hikari and Evieeep will be back. Stay tuned for more information on their Facebook Page.


A gaming event would never be complete without Cosplayers. So it was great that aside from our Tsundere Staff we had a large array of cosplayers like Aza Miyuko, Yuegene Fay, Onnies, LAY and Numacchi.

What was more interesting was that they were very willing to play games like Overcooked! and League of Legends with their fans aside from signing autographs and taking photos.

Fans definitely had a field day with their favourite celebrity cosplayers while I had to wade through the overwhelming crowd that had gathered. This continued all the way until the Cosplay Competition judging came to an end.

HyperPlay Qualifiers

Then I popped by the Esports Stage once again, eagerly awaiting the start of the HyperPlay Qualifier Finals. 4 teams came into the HyperPlay qualifiers in AGF. Eventually 2 long-rivaled teams Resurgence and Sovereign found themselves face-to-face in the finals once again for the right to represent Singapore in the HyperPlay Main Event.

Resurgence were heavy favourites to the tournament as they have performed admirably in their games prior to the Finals. Participating in tournaments internationally, they amassed a large wealth of experience in competitive play.

However, the huge swing in meta due to a transition from 8.10 to 8.11 caught them off-guard. SVR looked more meta-prepared than RSG, taking 2 games in a row and the right to represent Singapore.

HyperPlay’s Main Event continues on 4th August at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Get your Tickets now.

aniSONIC Fast

Fans of Japanese Rock could not wait for the concerts to start at the aniSONIC booth. Girlfriend, ASAKA, bless4, Underbar, PrizmaX, and BACK-ON lined both days up, entertaining us with their heart-thumping and ear-ringing jams.

I managed to pop by the final moments of BACK-ON’s segment and was instantly made a huge fan of their music. BACK-ON were responsible for the opening and ending themes of the anime Eyeshield 21, as well as other titles such as Fairy Tail, Gundam Build Fighters, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology. It was no surprise that they had so many fans cheering and jumping to their beat.

Too Many To Cover

There were so many other games that participated in the AGF 2018 too. Fifa 18, Pokemon, Singapore Fighting Game Community, Minecraft, just to name a few. It was a warm sight to behold as people gathered from all walks of games to compete, discuss and enjoy the games they loved.

There was even a booth where seminars and other competitions were screened. One in particular was on cosplay makeup, which was an interesting watch, especially because there was a volunteer who was there for our artist to demonstrate on.

I may not have managed to cover all the booths that were in the Asia Game Festival 2018, it was obvious that the organizers worked hard to include gamers from all walks of life in order to pull off such a large-scale event.

I went home a tired but happy gamer and I cannot wait for the next one.

Asia GAME Festival (AGF) is curated by Magika in partnership with SCOGA and CPL to create a unique gaming convention, bringing together businesses, artists, and gaming enthusiasts in Asia and around the world for an unforgettable experience.