It’s official – PUBG is the best selling game of 2017 by a wide margin. And it’s not even fully released yet.

Survival games have been on the uptrend the past few years, with games like Rust, H1Z1 King of the Kill, Arma, and DayZ all having their own runs. While most of them have had their relative success, there weren’t any that transcended giants like Dota 2 and CS:GO on Steam.

Enter PUBG.

PUBG has overtaken DotA in Peak Players for September 2017. Source:

PUBG has overtaken DotA in Peak Players for September 2017. Source:

We’ve talked about how PUBG is the most addictive battle royale craze that’s capturing everyone’s attention in a previous post.

It’s only going to get better

With the game slated to be released later in the year, we can only expect things to get better. In an E3 announcement last June, we saw two big features that will bring major changes in how the game is played – Vaulting and Climbing.

Personally, I’d like to see the following:

  1. More, possibly randomized/procedural generated, maps. Possibly as a separate mode for fun!
  2. Opening up of custom games to the public. I see potential in more casual modes like 8-man squads!
  3. Optimization. I think this is actually stopping some people from getting or enjoying the game.
  4. Killcams for Solo, and at the end for Duo/Squad (so there’s no vision advantage)

I’m personally very happy that the game is growing because it is just amazing. I have great hope in the PUBG team in making this game great,