Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) has reached 4 million sales in 3 months of Early Access as of last month. It’s no small feat, and the game is clearly still gaining momentum, with a lot of new updates to gameplay that have already been teased, and new game modes.

The Long Story Short

Here’s a TL;DR of a game of PUBG:

  • Queue up for Solo, Duo, or Squad (3-4)
  • Jump off the plane to parachute towards where you want to land
  • Find guns
  • Run into the next designated zone (randomly chosen within the current zone)
  • Eliminate other players
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


The Fastest Rising Survival Game To Date

PUBG is one of the fastest rising games that has been taking gamers by storm. Similar to survival games like ARMA, DayZ, and Rust, PUBG implements a Battle Royale style survival system where you (and/or your partner or squad) fight other players in a shrinking battlefield to survive. What sets this apart from other shooters is that their game mechanics allows anyone to just hop into a game, and play a quick session. Other survival-shooter games have other things in the game you have to worry about, like your base, gathering resources, etc. PUBG is simpler – find guns, kill other players, get into the designated playzones, and survive. If you survive, the game can take up to half an hour long. If you die early – just start a new game!

I mean just watch some highlights of the game and you can see what I mean:

The map is pretty huge, allowing you to find gear in various locations. However, the game is sped up by the fact that the playzone shrinks after a certain time (the intervals get shorter as the game progresses) to force players to interact and confront other players. You must always be inside the blue circle, and the white circle indicates the next playable zone.


It’s Still in Early Access?

DISCLAIMER: The game is still currently in Early Access, but I personally think it’s worth getting and playing with your friends. The developer team has been very active and I do believe it’s well worth the price tag if it’s something you’re interested in. I’ve more than a hundred hours logged already in 2 months, and it’s just awesome fun, especially with your friends.


PUBG Price Table

PUBG cost depending on country of purchase. Note that this game cannot be gifted to people from other countries, as country pricing is strictly enforced.
Singapore DollarS$34.99$25.58-14.71%
Philippine Peso₱759.95$14.99-50.02%
Malaysian RinggitRM74.99$17.50-41.65%
Indonesian RupiahRp 199,999$15.03-49.89%
Thai Baht฿559.00$16.60-44.63%
Indian Rupee₹ 999$15.53-48.23%
Hong Kong DollarHK$188.00$24.09-19.68%
Taiwan DollarNT$799.00$26.30-12.29%
South Korean Won₩ 32,000$28.39-5.35%
Japanese Yen¥ 3300$29.36-2.11%
U.S. Dollar$29.99Base Price0%


PUBG Gameplay

If you feel like watching a playthrough, Youtuber StoneMountain64 also uploaded an extremely enjoyable playthrough of PUBG with his usual antics:

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