At 10am Singapore time today, the Blizzard Embargo on the Team Singapore Overwatch roster was lifted. With that, Nicholas “Caldoran” Tay, Community Lead for Team Singapore swiftly announced the official 7-man roster.

Image Credit: warmskies_

It was after a long and tough selection process for Coach Seetoh “JohnGalt” Jian Qing and his team. But in the end, these are the 7 players that will be representing Singapore at the Overwatch World Cup come November.


  • Marcus “Akame” Kwa
  • Timotheus “Bubblekitty” Yeo
  • Jasper “yuris” Yue


  • Mohammed “Sachokk” Asri
  • Muhammad “Xenofly” Syafiq


  • Alston “Jervyz” How
  • Hao “ZeonFlux” Haiyang

Also, in the case of any emergency, five more members of Team Singapore are ready to go.


  • Figo “Azalea” Chua
  • Dang “Cryptic” Guo Hao


  • Ivan “CZwc” Cheong


  • Zavier “Saviour” Ng
  • Tan “Ayako” Jia Hao

In December 2018, Seetoh became the first Singaporean to join the Overwatch League as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Gladiators franchise. As a professional coach at the highest level of Overwatch, working with the best in the world and surrounded by nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of investment, Seetoh’s experience will prove invaluable in ensuring Team Singapore puts up a competitive display. Seetoh will serve as Singapore’s Head Coach this year after a vote done by the top players in Singapore.

Seetoh is also joined on the World Cup committee by Community Lead Nicholas “Caldoran” Tay, and General Manager Teo “TCC” Chun Chieh. Team Singapore narrowly missed out on the Overwatch World Cup in 2018, but the Committee is looking to replicate the success of previous years.  

“This isn’t just about sending ten individuals to America,” said Nicholas “Caldoran” Tay, the elected Community lead. “We represent Singapore and we have made it clear each of our players knows what that means. We hope we can get the support of the entire country and we will be looking to engage the wider community as much as we can.”

Leading up to BlizzCon and OWWC in Late October and early November, Team Singapore is set to make public appearances at various community events, as well as participate in a number of online showmatches with other National Overwatch World Cup teams in the region. 

“Esports isn’t something I feel comfortable sharing with all my friends, but I’m proud to be a part of the team representing our country and can’t believe I made it to the final seven. I’m ready for whatever comes next.” said Jasper “yuris” Yue. 

Team Singapore Overwatch is also looking to record their experience in a documentary that will be released after their return from the tournament. The team is still on the lookout for additional sponsorship and funding for their journey to California. 

Be sure to follow Team Singapore’s journey on their Discord, Twitter and Instagram pages.