This is Afiz. He’s the face behind the Overwatch Singapore Community Facebook group, this means he’s responsible for providing much of the information to the community. He also happens to be a shoutcaster who provides assistance to clients in esports/gaming events.

(I also) did some community events as well such as the Brigitte Call-To-Arms, DVA Nano Cola Challenge, and more

Thoughts on the Committee
The Team Singapore Overwatch Committee was recently formed and are currently accepting applicants, most specifically damage dealers. Afiz feels that this committee is by far the most organized one.

They might not have much experience but they are putting a lot of effort. I honestly wished they would’ve come out of the wood-work a year or 2 ago. With these guys around, I feel like we can bring some life into the local Overwatch scene. Maybe like, an Overwatch Singapore Refresh v2.0.

Afiz was also once a Committee member in 2017, but he did not wish to sign up the Committee this year.

I have personal responsibilities to take care of. Also, I had health issues in the beginning of this year which led to my hiatus. I’m somewhat quite stable at the moment but I need to focus on my getting myself back on track.

Despite that, Afiz ensures that he does his part to help the Overwatch Committee wherever he can.

I already was helping them out even before they were chosen. And yes, I am part of the volunteer team. Mostly community. I’ll aid with mainly the branding and design of the Team’s overall look. You’ll get to see it soon. I’m very proud of it. Also, I provide advice to the Committee members as they are very new to all this. I help with whatever experience I have gotten from my past years working in the industry.

Afiz also encourages anyone who is willing to help to step up and help the community

My advice is: If you want to help, then help. You have to make the first step by approaching us. The people that we have right now are more than happy to accept any help they can get.

Hopes for Team Singapore
We asked about Afiz’s thoughts on his hopes for Team Singapore this year at the Overwatch World Cup 2019 (OWC) later this year

I have to be honest. We don’t have the best teams or players in the world. We are far behind when it comes to professional or competitive experience.

But what we have is a very strong infrastructure and very smart individuals that can provide assistance to players and further improve our quality of play. I hope that we can showcase our performance to the world and let our players have a chance to be scouted by organizations, maybe even the Overwatch League (OWL).

Image result for mccree
Howdy, you’re dead.

A Cowboy at Heart
Afiz’s favourite Hero is McCree.

Point and click heads. I do that very well.

However, he does have some unresolved issues with Brigitte when faced up with her in the game.

The real question is WHY IS BRIG EVEN IN THE GAME?

Afiz is currently 3200+ SR and he peaked in Season 5 at 3700 SR.

I was pushing for GM but I had to travel to Poland for OWWC 2017. Didn’t have a PC there so my account decayed to 3000. Right now, I just take the game very casual. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I have fun.

When asked for his comment on the Overwatch Meta though, Afiz had some advice.

Yes, it is 3-3. It has been 3-3 for a long time.

Do we want a change? Yes.
Do we need a change? Yes and no.

If you’re playing competitively and you want to get higher ranks, you have to adapt to the meta. The meta doesn’t adapt to you. That’s the difference between pros and amateurs. Yeah sure Goats is boring but you have to suck it up and win.

Becoming the Overwatch guy

I fell in love with the game. There isn’t really much to say about this. The game is what I’ve always wanted. Movement, aim, lore, design, everything. Yeah sure it does frustrate me sometimes but I still love the game. Hence, I decided to use the skills that I have gathered throughout my years in the industry to help create more content for the community especially for the locals here in Singapore.

A Day in life of Afiz

I stream for fun. It’s not really my main source of bread and butter. I just love entertaining people and what better way to play and stream at the same time to people all over the world.

I wake up -> do some work -> get some game time in -> work -> then stream at night usually. It’s pretty normal honestly I don’t see anything to interesting about it.

Do I want to be a full time streamer? Heck yeah. I would love to. But I have other priorities that I need to take care of so we’ll see how things go.

But apart from Overwatch, Afiz loves games like Path of Exile and Apex legends.

Path of Exile is very relaxing and stress-relieving. Apex Legends is an easy FPS game that I can just jump into and shoot.

You can find Afiz on his Twitter and his Twitch Channel