Following the recent conclusion of a highly controversial year, we review one of the more overlooked platforms many gamers might have already forgotten still exists: The Nintendo 3DS (also 2DS, n3DS, 3DS XL, you get the idea).

After the recent revelation of the Nintendo Switch™, some of you may be wondering if it is still worth anything to own one of these archaic devices in 2017. The Switch is stated to release worldwide a couple of months from now. The 3DS may be on its way out, but rest assured there are still plenty of reasons to own one of these portables.

2016 was a pretty good year for the 3DS, and there was no shortage of great games. We also saw the release of a plethora of different colors and designs for these devices. They also saw a steady increase in sales across all the models, despite the original release being almost 6 years ago.

Let’s take a look at some of the notable games from 2016:

Monster Hunter Generations

The latest installment of the main Monster Hunter series from Capcom. In this iteration, hunters can use incredible skills called “Hunter Arts” that add a dynamic element to the hunt.


Fire Emblem Fates

Pick your side in this chapter of the Fire Emblem series; Birthright or Conquest lets you choose different routes to resolve the great war between 2 kingdoms. There is also a third path, Revelations, which unveils even more.


Pokemon Sun/Pokemon Moon

Explore the Alolan region with the latest generation of Pokemon in this addition to the well-loved franchise. Sun/Moon really shook up the formula from previous games, and made it friendlier to old and new Pokefans alike.


Bravely Second: End Layer

The sequel to the surprise hit throwback JRPG that took everyone by surprise. This story picks up where the original left off, bringing with it several new jobs, including a necromancer that summons cats: A Catmancer.


Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

The original Wii U Mario game brought designers and players together was also released for the 3DS. Everything you love about Mario returns in this neatly ported package.



This is in no way a list of the absolute best games; These are just a handful of games picked from those released last year. There are still many other excellent titles available last year and even further.

Aside from these games, new designs also add to the allure of owning a 3DS. Nintendo released this official psychedelic Galaxy Style New 3DS to add more options for potential buyers. We also got several game and character-specific special editions just as pretty.

Monster Hunter Generations Red

The 3DS family grew quite a bit over the past year. It has all these releases and even more just last year. Not to mention, the 3DS ecosystem in the Nintendo digital store constantly receives new games, classic ports, remakes, indie games, and even some hidden gems.

Nintendo Switch

Before you start pondering whether to get that Nintendo Switch, that 3DS you might own could still have some life to it. There is still some time to dust off that old bauble and boot it up for old times’ sake.