So the big patch is coming in a two hours – what we thought was 6.89 is announced to be 7.00 instead. All we know is Monkey King is making an appearance as the first DotA 2 hero (all the heroes thus far are original DotA ports). So what does 7.00 signify? Here are my speculations:

  1. New, original heroes (obviously!) and mechanics
    Monkey King was the only thing revealed about this coming patch, but this definitely signifies a slew of new heroes. What’s exciting about this however is not just having a bigger pool of heroes to choose from, and as we know, most of DotA’s heroes are viable even in the competitive stage. Keep in mind that all of the current heroes were mostly designed using the Warcraft 3 engine. With the Source 2 engine, and Valve’s team behind it, we can see a ton of new mechanics outside the realm of what we currently recognize as DotA.
  2. Major gameplay changes
    With the recent patches, you can actually see some braver changes in the core mechanics of the game. Particularly, the increasing of magic damage from spells by 1% for every 16 int was pretty interesting for me – classic DotA had mages have static damage. I can foresee more of similar game mechanics that can improve QoL of mages, and possibly open up new strategies.
  3. Item overhauls
    We’ve also seen new items come in the form of Mangoes, Enchanted Raindrops (I hate this item with a passion), Octarine Core, Bloodthorne, etc. As mentioned, DotA 2 can have way more mechanics outside the WC3 engine, and we’ll definitely be seeing reworks on a lot of the underused items, and allow for a broader selection of item pathing.
  4. Aghanim’s Scepter upgrades for more (if not all) heroes
    The recent patches introduced Aghanim’s Scepter for new heroes, and it’s expected that each hero will have their own. I think it’s great because it can introduce an alternative item path (Aghs on Jugg or Luna for example), and we can see more interesting effects such as Drow’s split shot!
  5. More advanced statistics
    This is what I’m excited about – the last patch brought us a better post-game display. I hope we can get more numbers out (such as being able to analyze stats on certain stretches of time), and better MMR adjustment/calculations for contributions outside KDA and CS.
  6. Hero reworks
    Look into rebalanced skills. Will Visage finally be viable?
  7. Puck Illusory Orb Speed increased by 1
    Of course.

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Let me know your thoughts and what you want to see in 7.00 on my Facebook post. I’ll be putting up my thoughts on the patch the day it’s out!