On June 5th, 2020, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang officially announced its most important initiative of the year – “NEXT”. As a major component of the game’s upgrade project, “NEXT” will be a long-term project focusing on hero adjustments, art and sound upgrades, as well as IP development, in order to constantly deliver high-quality game experiences to the players. In this reveal, the MLBB team mainly unveiled the upgrades and improvements in these two aspects – Hero and Control.

Renovate Classic Heroes
The MLBB team recognize that some of the older heroes have ‘dated’ mechanics and will require a renovation. In the “NEXT” project, they will work on refreshing these classic heroes.

The renovation will be carried out around the classic heroes’ core features, giving each one of them a unique symbol. This will also evolve the stories and skills of these characters. The renovation will also upgrade the model appearance, animations, and sound effects for the selected heroes.

Giving you more Control
The “NEXT” initiative will also focus on the optimization and improvement of the game’s controls.

Let’s start with “Smart Targeting”. This new feature will allow the player to freely select their targets in a more accurate yet simple fashion while using hero skills. The MLBB team hopes that Smart Targeting can bring the competition in mobile MOBAs to another level.

Smart Targetting to help ensure accuracy of skills.

Fixing Sight
Limited sight on mobile devices has been a problem since the first day the MLBB was introduced, the dev team are working on methods like camera zoom out and tilt during skill cast and have already achieved meaningful progress. They hope you are just as excited with these changes as they are.

Zooming out to provide better sight

This was as much as the MLBB team could share with us for now. More updates regarding the “NEXT” project will be released soon in the near future.