Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hosted an official unveiling of Project NEXT on July 19, 2020, which will be one of the most significant projects of the year. In the latest trailer, the team dropped a wholebunch of news. In addition to the previously announced Hero revamp, the official logo of Project NEXT was unveiled.

In order for the old Heroes to express their unique traits, the dev team made a series of optimizations on them. Miya, as the first Hero of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has already become an Iconic hero. With the launch of Project NEXT, Miya will embark on a new adventure as well.

Miya’s visual upgrade makes her more of a gentle and brave archer. On top of that, in order for Miya to take an active role in matchups, the dev team progressively adjusted her skills. The enhanced Passive and Skill 2 will grant her higher damage output, stronger control ability, and more flexible positioning.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also intends to revamp another hero; someone who has a very deep connection to Miya and is highly anticipated by players. He is none other than Alucard.

According to the team, there have been many minor enhancements on Alucard’s skills, yet his appearance had not changed. After some in-depth research on players’ feedback, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team found that most players are impressed with Alucard’s capability in one-on-one duels, which led to their decision to maximize his damage dealt on a single enemy targets. His extra lifesteal effect of his Ultimate Skill was replaced with extra damage dealt on marked targets. This damage can trigger Alucard’s Passive effect, further boosting his damage output.

It’s worth mentioning that, in addition to makeovers and skill tweaks, the lore between Heroes have been rehashed in various degrees.


Finally, Project NEXT is expected to be a long-term project, aiming to provide players with a brand-new gaming experience through Hero adjustments, audio & visual upgrades, and worldview. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is unswervingly in pursuit of both “better quality” and “better experience”. That is also the reason why an exclusive logo was designed for Project NEXT.


Gold symbolizes glory, justice, and passion. The dazzling blue gem comes from the in-game defense turret, which not only represents hope, but also acts as a beacon to guide us forward. The v-shaped part at the bottom, which is like a reflection of a mountain peak, symbolizes the past achievements and the whole fresh adventure awaits, just as the name “NEXT” implies.

As a best-selling game for years, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been keeping up with the times, constantly optimizing, innovating, and responding to players’ feedback. In 2019, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 2.0 was released and has been widely acclaimed by players.

It’s fair to say that Project NEXT is worth waiting for. The official team will follow it up and bring more latest news from it. Let’s stay tuned!