We’re looking to build a hub to showcase streamers from Southeast Asia. We have so many underappreciated streamers that are very entertaining. Currently, no streaming platform gives you the option to sort by country – most of our talented local streamers are buried, because you only see the different streams via number of viewers. This makes it difficult for SEA streamers to get viewers, and difficult for SEA gamers to find streamers from their region. That’s why we want to feature you – and give our local watchers a chance to discover your talent.

Let’s make our own index of streamers.

We need a something to give us the ability to discover new streamers, so why don’t we make our own list? One that allows us to see who’s currently streaming. One that allows us to filter by country and language and game played.┬áThis way, people will easily find the streamer that suits them.

Streamers Unite!

There’s currently no automated way of doing it, so Game Is Hard is taking the initiative. If you’re a streamer from Southeast Asia, no matter how small or big, please fill in this form and spread the word to other streamers.

This is one of our initiatives towards a stronger gaming community in Southeast Asia. If you have ideas and suggestions, drop us a note in the comments section below, or through our Contact Us page!