If you were holding out on buying games on Steam this year, now’s the time to cut loose. (Not too much!) The theme for this year is a sticker collecting! Complete unique quests everyday to gain stickers to add to your collection.

Now, before you head on to that store page, here’s a few things you might want to keep in mind:

There are no more Daily Deals or Flash Sales

All the games are already at their best possible prices; You could buy them now or near the end of the sale, but there’s very little chance that it could go any lower.

Start with your Wishlist

If you’re really itching for a new title to play, start with the ones in your Wishlist. You’ve added them there at some point thinking you’ll get them at a better price. Now they’ve been sitting in limbo for a few weeks/months/years just waiting to join the Promised Land also known as your library.

Browse your Discovery Queue

Not only will you have suggestions catered to your interests, you will also be rewarded with some trading cards. Obtain one of each card in the collection to redeem a prize, or sell them for some extra spending money.

Group up for co-op savings!

Some games will have to option to purchase in multi-packs, and they usually offer slightly better prices. For an even better price, see if you have any friends who are also thinking of getting that game. If they’ve been keeping their Wishlist updated, you should be able to see which of them might be interested in a group purchase.

There will be other sales later on

Do you really need to have that game right now? There will be a couple more sales before the end of the year, and chances are that title will be on sale then too. So keep that mouse off the cart button and consider if you really must own that game at this moment.

Complete your daily quests

You’ll receive a few simple quests to complete per day and get a reward for doing them. These tasks are as simple as reviewing your preferences or going through your discovery queue. There’s nothing to lose by doing them, and fancy stickers to gain!

Now is a good time to get those games you’ve always wanted to play, but weren’t willing to pay the full prices on. Getting an excellent price for a great game can be exhilarating, but try not to overdo it. Some of these might end up collecting dust in your library, but hey, you got a good deal, right? Happy hunting!