Happy Lunar New Year!

With every New Lunar Calendar Year, games celebrate their Asian fanbase with events and limited items related to the occasion. Here’s a quick rundown of the events you won’t want to miss due to the limited items:


January 24 – February 13, 2017

Overwatch’s limited events are one of the best, due to seasonal skins (Witch Mercy!!) and special events (Lucio Ball, Halloween Terror, Mei’s Snowball Offensive). It’s no different for the Lunar New Year, with new skins and Capture the Rooster in the Arcade. Loot boxes obtained from now until the 13th of February will be a special Lunar New Year box. Here’s the official trailer for the event:

Apparently Mei’s waistline in her new skins is much smaller, due to a bug, but will be fixed in a hotfix shortly.

Here’s a gallery of all the Year of the Rooster skins.

Dota 2

January 26 – February 6, 2017

Thankfully Valve didn’t wait for the Lunar New Year to release Monkey King, and they gave us a nice minigame to play! The Dark Moon event is available until 6th February, and will require some teamwork to overcome all the waves. The event page is here.

To quickly summarize the event gameplay, here’s a summary from the Gamepedia Wiki

  • Five players are put against waves of enemies which come out from four lanes.
  • These waves get progressively harder, with bosses and unique units with special abilities.
  • Experience are gained normally but gold must be picked up on the ground, and are used to buy items and level up.
  • Experience can be gained while dead.
  • The game ends if the Ancient is destroyed, or if all five players die.

From research and statistics, the most successful lineup seems to be: Sniper, Medusa, Phantom Assassin, Disruptor OR Dark Seer, and Pit Lord. Other combinations work too of course, the best clear time had Techies in their line up. Let us know which ones work for you!

Like with previous events, there’s a small chance for you to get the Dark Moon Baby Roshan courier – which will definitely be very valuable.

More info on how to play it, and wave info found here: http://dota2.gamepedia.com/Dark_Moon

Redditor /u/Debloper posted some strategies as well on r/Dota2 on how to maximize your profits from this event.

Finally, rgp.io also has some data mining of the lineups used to complete the event. Check them out at https://dota.rgp.io/darkmoon/.

League of Legends

January 26 – February 5, 2017

League of Legends releases themed skins for their events, and we’ve had a Lunar Revel release every year since 2012. This year’s includes: Azir, Garen, and Vi. The older Lunar New Year skins are also available as bundles, should you wish to buy them, and this time around there’s additional Bundles, Crafting, and Merch, and Lunar Revel Gifting, specially themed after the Lunar New Year. The event only lasts until the 5th of February, so log on and get your skins if you’re interested!

Warring Kingdoms Garen, Azir and Vi – 490 RP

Check out the event page here for more information.

For more detailed info, surrenderat20 has a great rundown for the event.

League of Legends (Mobile)

Aside from what Riot has lined up for LoL, Garena has their own special mobile event for their SEA League of Legends servers. Lunar Packet Festival 2017 lets players gift IP to their fellow summoners. Have a friend who is new to League and doesn’t have enough IP for that champion he always wanted to play? Send him a Lunar Packet packed with IP! The best gift anyone could ask for. Simply download the Garena Mobile to join the Lunar Packet Festival.


More information can be found on Garena’s official event page here.


That’s some of the games that have a Lunar New Year event – with the long weekend, we hope you’re able to squeeze in some quality gaming time. If you’re LFG or looking for people to hang out with, hop onto our Discord community!