Angry Xbox Owners Threaten Boycott Over Potential Introduction of Ads in Games

A heated debate has erupted among Xbox owners over the possibility of ads being inserted into Xbox games. The controversy was sparked by comments made by Microsoft executive Sarah Bond, who mentioned the exploration of advertising options in games.

While the idea is still speculative, many passionate fans have expressed their opposition and threatened to boycott the upcoming Xbox Series X/S consoles if ads become a reality. These fans argue that the inclusion of ads would disrupt gameplay and create a less immersive experience.

The concern arose when Bond stated, “We talk a lot about Game Pass because subscription is the latest option that we scaled… We’ve talked about how we’re experimenting with other models, like what does it mean for advertising in games which is more prevalent in mobile – are there models of that that work well in PC and console?”

Xbox enthusiasts took to social media to voice their outrage. One Twitter user adamantly proclaimed, “I’ll sell my Xbox the moment they start doing games with ads. Imagine being so far behind the competition and your response to that is… more ads to play from your ad-filled dashboard.”

Another user, OldPixel1984, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Same! Turn my back on Xbox the moment they will do this. Ads in games. She doesn’t have any understanding of what gamers want. She got no taste.”

However, it is important to note that Microsoft has not confirmed any plans to implement ads in games, and previous attempts by other companies to do so have been met with significant backlash. For instance, EA faced backlash after including ads in UFC 4, resulting in their swift removal. Warner Bros. Games also faced criticism for placing ads in Mortal Kombat 11 for the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game.

Despite the outcry from fans, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will proceed with the introduction of ads in Xbox games. The company is likely to carefully consider the feedback from the gaming community before making any concrete decisions.

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