Wayfinder Enters Early Access with Server Issues and Instability

Wayfinder Enters Early Access with Server Issues and Instability

Wayfinder Enters Early Access with Server Issues and Instability

Wayfinder, the highly anticipated game developed by Airship Syndicate, officially entered Early Access on PC and PlayStation. However, the launch was met with server issues and instability, causing inconvenience for players. The development team is actively working to address these problems and provide better fixes.

It’s important to note that Wayfinder is still in the development stage, as it is an early access title. Therefore, it is expected that some aspects of the game may be broken or have issues. However, the Airship Syndicate team had aimed to provide an enjoyable experience for players.

Upon receiving feedback regarding crashes and server problems, the team immediately started implementing updates and fixes. Unfortunately, the maintenance work took longer than anticipated, leading them to temporarily implement reduced server capacity. This was done to ensure stability and support at least some players in the game’s world of Evenor.

Despite the challenges, the development team expressed their appreciation for the patience of Wayfinder players. They also advised players who encountered the „Maximum player capacity is reached, please try again later” error message to wait a few minutes before attempting to log in again.

The reduced server capacity remained in effect overnight to maintain stability and allow the team to investigate the issues further. The Wayfinder team has announced that they will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the events that occurred during the launch and outline their plan to move forward.

The start of Early Access did not go as planned, and the Wayfinder team acknowledges that it is not what their loyal Founders deserve. They promised to release a full update the following day to provide more information on the situation and their plans.

Despite the rocky start, the team at Wayfinder is committed to addressing the server issues and ensuring a smooth experience for players. Players are encouraged to stay updated through Wayfinder’s official channels for further announcements.