VR Skater: Experience Skateboarding Like Never Before with Virtual Reality

VR Skater: Experience Skateboarding Like Never Before with Virtual Reality

VR Skater: Experience Skateboarding Like Never Before with Virtual Reality

VR Skater from DEFICIT Games brings a whole new level of immersion to skateboarding videogames through virtual reality technology. This game allows players to experience the sensation of skateboarding without the physical risks involved. By utilizing motion controllers, VR Skater offers a unique and intuitive way to control the skateboard, making it feel as close to the real thing as possible.

In VR Skater, players start by choosing their dominant hand or foot, which determines the controller they use for movement. Swinging the hand holding the controller back and forth controls the speed of the skateboard. Steering is accomplished by holding down the trigger on the second motion controller and moving the hand in the desired direction. It may sound peculiar, but in practice, these control mechanisms feel natural and responsive.

The game offers a variety of tricks that are executed through button or trigger presses in combination with controller movements. Mastering these tricks requires practice and timing, similar to real skateboarding. VR Skater provides tutorials to familiarize players with the controls and offers a practice space to hone their skills.

The sense of movement and speed in VR Skater is incredibly immersive, giving players a thrilling experience. The game also allows for activities that are not possible in real life, such as jumping between skyscrapers and grinding off objects. However, one drawback is the static nature of the game’s environments. While the depictions of real-world locations are visually impressive, the lack of pedestrians, cars, and other activity takes away from the immersion.

Despite this limitation, VR Skater offers multiple paths in each stage, allowing players to discover optimal routes for scoring points. The game features a soundtrack comprising indie and rap bands, adding to the overall atmosphere. As players progress, they can customize their skateboard and compete on an online leaderboard to measure their skills against others.

Although VR Skater does not fully utilize the capabilities of the PSVR 2 and the PS5, the game still provides a unique skateboarding experience. The controls may require time to master, but the rewarding gameplay and immersive sensations make it a worthwhile choice for skateboarding enthusiasts.


VR Skater: A virtual reality skateboarding game developed by DEFICIT Games.

PSVR 2: The PlayStation Virtual Reality headset version 2.

Motion controller: A handheld device used to control movement and interact in virtual reality games.

Immersion: The feeling of being deeply engaged or „immersed” in a virtual reality experience.

Tricks: Stylized movements or actions performed on a skateboard, such as flips, grinds, and jumps.

Haptics: The use of tactile feedback, such as vibrations, to enhance the sense of touch in virtual reality.


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