Leaked Patch Notes Confirm Starfield Compatibility with Steam Deck

A recent leak of day-one patch notes for Bethesda’s highly anticipated game, Starfield, has provided an answer to the question on many gamers’ minds: will the game be compatible with Valve’s Steam Deck? According to the leaked patch notes, the answer is yes. However, there is a catch – while the game will run on the handheld device, performance may suffer if the hardware does not meet the recommended minimum specifications.

The leaked patch notes, titled Starfield 1.7.23, reveal that a virtual keyboard will be added for Steam Deck users. The document also mentions that Starfield will run on both the Steam Deck and the ROG Ally, but with below-recommended minimum specs, performance may not be optimal.

This leak is significant because it sheds light on the compatibility concerns that surrounded Starfield’s release on the Steam Deck. Speculation had been rife due to the game’s high system requirements and large file size. Bethesda’s director, Todd Howard, had previously been vague about the issue but had promised to address it at a later date.

The leaked patch notes also outline other updates and fixes, including addressing performance and stability issues for Xbox Series X/S, as well as visual and gameplay improvements.

While it is important to approach leaked information with caution, these details, if accurate, confirm that players will be able to experience Starfield on the go with the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, although there may be some performance limitations.

Starfield will be available for early access on August 31, with the official global release scheduled for September 6.

– Insider Gaming leak of Starfield 1.7.23 patch notes.