Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals: The Genki Covert Dock

Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals: The Genki Covert Dock

Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals: The Genki Covert Dock

When it comes to gaming gadgets, I’ve always been on the lookout for the latest and most useful accessories. And last year, I stumbled upon a gem that has become a staple in my setup – the Genki Covert Dock. This portable dock and charger have revolutionized the way I enjoy big screen gaming on my Nintendo Switch.

The Genki Covert Dock has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to take my gaming experience on the go. Whether I’m staying at a hotel, visiting a friend’s house, or even showcasing my gaming skills in a store, this little device does it all. Its versatility and convenience make it worth every penny.

And speaking of pennies, let’s talk about the price. The Genki Covert Dock has held steady at its $74.99 MSRP for a while, with only a few drops here and there. But now, thanks to the Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals of 2023, it has reached a brand new record low – just $39.99 on Amazon. This offer is hard to resist, especially when compared to the official Nintendo Switch dock that costs twice as much.

The original Genki Covert Dock is still a great choice, despite the recent release of a new Alpine collection with a sleeker design. The value you’re getting with the original model is unmatched. For anyone who already owns a Nintendo Switch or a Nintendo Switch OLED, this is the best Black Friday deal I’ve come across.

What sets the Genki Covert Dock apart is its simplicity and functionality. All you need is a USB-C charging cable (included) and an HDMI connection to your TV, and you’re ready to play on the big screen. The additional USB-A port is a bonus, allowing you to connect a wired controller or a wireless gaming headset dongle.

I use the Genki Covert Dock every day, not just for travel but also as a secondary setup at my desk. It provides a way to enjoy late-night gaming sessions when the TV is occupied, and the smaller screen just won’t do. Plus, having both USB-C and USB-A charging ports means I can reduce the number of adapters I carry with me.

So, if you’re a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED owner, I highly recommend grabbing the Genki Covert Dock during these incredible Black Friday deals. At $39.99, you’ll be saving $35 off the original price and gaining a portable gaming powerhouse. Don’t miss out on this unbeatable offer and elevate your gaming experience wherever you go.


Q: What is the Genki Covert Dock?
A: The Genki Covert Dock is a portable dock and charger for the Nintendo Switch that allows you to play games on the big screen.

Q: What makes the Genki Covert Dock different from the official Nintendo Switch dock?
A: The Genki Covert Dock is more affordable and portable than the official Nintendo Switch dock. It also has additional features, such as a USB-A port for connecting accessories.

Q: How much does the Genki Covert Dock cost?
A: The Genki Covert Dock usually costs $74.99, but there is a special Black Friday deal where it is available for just $39.99 on Amazon.

Q: Can the Genki Covert Dock be used with the Nintendo Switch OLED?
A: Yes, the Genki Covert Dock is compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Key Terms:

– Genki Covert Dock: A portable dock and charger for the Nintendo Switch.
– Nintendo Switch OLED: The upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch with a larger OLED screen.
– USB-C: A type of USB connector commonly used for charging and data transfer.
– HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface, a digital video and audio interface used for connecting devices to displays.

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