How to Get Sterile Nanotubes in Starfield

How to Get Sterile Nanotubes in Starfield

How to Get Sterile Nanotubes in Starfield

Sterile Nanotubes are an important crafting material in the game Starfield. If you need Sterile Nanotubes for crafting recipes or to build something in your Outpost, you might be wondering where you can find them. Fortunately, obtaining Sterile Nanotubes in Starfield is relatively easy.

One of the best places to find Sterile Nanotubes is at Sieghart’s Outfitters store in Neon, located on the Volii Alpha planet in the Volii system. The store can be found at the entrance of Neon’s Core, just to the right after getting off the elevator.

Each Sterile Nanotube costs 130 Credits at Sieghart’s Outfitters, although the price can be lower if you have the Commerce skill unlocked. If the store is out of stock, you can wait for 48 UT hours (approximately one day and a half in Volii Alpha’s time) or sleep in a nearby bed or chair to allow the store to replenish its resources.

Alternatively, you can visit the Outland store in the Commercial District of New Atlantis in Jemison. This is the earliest place in the game where you can find a vendor selling Sterile Nanotubes.

Obtaining Sterile Nanotubes is not as easy as gathering resources from planets or looting labs, so buying them from merchants is the most reliable method. While invading ships might occasionally yield Sterile Nanotubes, it is a rare occurrence. Therefore, it is best to rely on purchasing them.

Sterile Nanotubes are just one of many resources and recipes you will encounter in the vast galaxy of Starfield. If you are starting your journey, you may also want to know where to find Adhesives early on.


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