Swedish Conglomerate Aonic Acquires nDreams, Paving the Way for VR Advancements

Swedish Conglomerate Aonic Acquires nDreams, Paving the Way for VR Advancements

Swedish Conglomerate Aonic Acquires nDreams, Paving the Way for VR Advancements

Swedish conglomerate Aonic has made waves in the VR industry with its acquisition of UK virtual reality developer nDreams for $110 million. This landmark deal marks a significant step forward for the virtual reality and mixed reality (VR and MR) sectors.

nDreams, based in Farnborough, is renowned for developing popular VR titles such as PowerWash Simulator VR, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, Little Cities, Fracked, and Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity. Aonic’s financial support will enable nDreams to expand its roster of internal studios and pursue more ambitious projects.

The acquisition has allowed nDreams to continue its operations under the capable leadership of co-founders Patrick O’Luanaigh, who will remain as CEO, and Tamsin O’Luanaigh, who will stay on as chief people officer. With Aonic’s backing, nDreams aims to invest in third-party publishing and potentially acquire more studios to amplify their growth.

Patrick O’Luanaigh sees this acquisition as a pivotal moment for VR and MR, emphasizing that Aonic’s extensive resources will further strengthen nDreams’ position in the industry. The CEO expressed his confidence in finding the right partner in Aonic after 18 months of collaboration.

Aonic CEO Paul Schempp acknowledged nDreams’ significant contributions to the VR space, praising them for bringing some of the biggest VR titles to market. Schempp believes that the acquisition will provide Aonic’s other internal teams, including Milky Tea Studios, Red Games, and Otherside Entertainment, with the opportunity to learn from one of the best studios in the field.

With a slate of projects currently in development across its four internal studios, nDreams is set to unveil exciting titles in the coming years. Additionally, the studio has formed partnerships with several third-party developers, promising even more innovative experiences for VR enthusiasts in the near future.

As the VR and MR industry continues to evolve, Aonic’s acquisition of nDreams sets the stage for groundbreaking advancements and further establishes these immersive technologies as a thriving sector of the gaming and entertainment landscape.

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– VR: Virtual Reality, a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that can be interacted with and explored by a person.
– MR: Mixed Reality, a combination of the real world and virtual objects, where physical and digital elements coexist and can interact in real-time.
– Internal studios: In this context, refers to the development teams within nDreams and Aonic.
– Third-party publishing: The act of publishing and distributing games or software developed by external studios or developers on behalf of a publisher.
– Ambitious projects: Refers to larger-scale or innovative projects that may require more resources or expertise.

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