The New Competitive Mobile Game

Rumble League is a new mobile game, featuring 12 characters in an arena with Overwatch-like mechanics where you have to team up with other players to either secure a point (King of the Hill) or secure a payload. It’s a quick top-down mobile team-based arena game that takes a few minutes to complete per round.

I’ve played the game myself casually and it’s pretty fun. Very easy to pick up and put down especially during commutes! It has that competitive feel to it, and it’s even better to play with friends.

The Singapore Roadshow

Rumble League will be in Singapore for a roadshow at Campus Game Fest 2019 – Singapore Indoor Stadium, on 3rd and 4th August. Come down to try the game out with other gamers!

The S.E.A. SLAM Rumble League Online Tournament

Rumble League has also announced the S.E.A. SLAM, their first online tournament. The top 32 registered players on the leaderboard will be able to play in the next phase with 8 selected influencers. Sign up here:

The influencers include:

  1. Bro Pasta (Indonesia)
  2. Leoanoga (Indonesia)
  3. MasterRamen (Malaysia)
  4. DaddyHood (Malaysia)
  5. SoloZ (Malaysia)
  6. RikuPH (Philippines)
  7. Ashley Gosiengfiao (Philippines)
  8. SynC (Singapore)