Team SMG announced the acquisition of Malaysian Mobile Legends squad “Makan Cendol” – a move showing their foray into the Southeast Asian esports scene.

Team SMG MLBB – previously known as Makan Cendol

Team SMG (short for Still Moving Under Gunfire) was established by JJ Lin in 2017, with an arguably successful AOV team. In 2018, they further expanded with a strategic partnership with a PUBG team.

This acquisition isn’t out of the blue for JJ Lin – he has expressed his love for Dota 2, and has even performed at the Shanghai Major and DAC.

The Team SMG MLBB team will be competing in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) from the 29th of February, with the following roster:

  1. Mohammad “Ax” Aiqal Bin Amran
  2. Mohammad “Artha” Al Hatta
  3. Mohammad “Raisyaa” Zaim Bin Amir Izat
  4. Aeliff “Smooth” Adam
  5. Muhammad “Tacuz” Fairuz Bin Mohamad
  6. Muhammad “Kuku” Siddiq Fadhil Bin Mohd Noor (Sub)
  7. Ahmad “Bonezzyy” Syazwan Bin Anuar (Coach)
  8. Muhamd “Padel” Fadil Bin Hishamuddin (Manager)

JJ Lin has also partnered with Kenchi Yap, who may be familiar to many as the coach of Fnatic and Mineski Dota teams. He is the CEO of Team SMG, and they have hinted that they are “expanding to other games in the near future”.