Day 3 had its own mix of tight games, and stomps. Three of the games had 0 kills on one side of the team – RNG, Misfits, and G2 all won in dominating fashion. EDG has dropped to a very difficult 0-3, and their chances of making it out of group A look very bleak.

Galio and Kalista were still generally banned, though Galio got through one game and RNG just dominated SSG with it. Oddly enough, Leblanc and Gnar made it to the top of bans for Day 3, while Sejuani moves from most banned to most picked. It seems like there’s less emphasis on banning out Sejuani now.

Day 4 is set to begin at 3pm SGT – look out for RYL vs G2 as I think that would be an exciting matchup!