I had to opportunity to be first of many to try Teamfight Tactics (TFT) on the PBE Server thanks to Garena. I was given a PBE account to try it out, and try I did.

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Rough on the Edges
The game is good and engaging enough to keep me occupied for hours on end. Unfortunately, my main gripe about the game remains to be the Shop UI.

What’s Wrong with the Shop
The shop comprises of five portraits. While I’m familiar with the Champions of LoL, a new player might not be. Being able to recognize Champions for their 3D models would have been an absolute win.

Unfortunately, whenever the shop refreshes, it is barely noticeable. There is no bling or sound effect to indicate a refresh of the shop, often leading to me only realizing that the shop has refreshed a little late.

Other Small Gripes
While the game remains fun and compelling, the celebration stimuli are still a little lackluster. A little voice-acting or announcer voice would be really helpful rather than just drums indicating a 3-Star combine.

PBE is hard to enter
I don’t think Riot ever expected this many people to swarm the PBE for TFT. If you want to enter, you might not want to log out or risk waiting hours for a chance to re-enter again.

TFT still has some bugs to fix but looks to be in good shape to ship with League of Legends’ Patch 9.13. As for whether it is better than Drodo’s Auto Chess or Dota Underlords, let’s just say each version has their own problems to fix right now. Each are going their own direction and only time will tell which ones are better.

As for me, I’m liking TFT more and more. However, it’s tough to play not knowing the tier levels of each Champion