Samsung Galaxy and Royal Never Give Up had both already qualified for Quarterfinals by mid day. In the last game of Worlds 2017 Group C, they fought for first seed and for pride.

Like in week one, RNG beat the Koreans by playing aggressively. The Uzi show, no doubt, is just beginning. They left no room for Samsung to scale and kept the pressure up while SSG themselves made mistakes, especially in a crucial fight at Baron.

Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk was already looking forward to laning against Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao before Worlds started. Game Is Hard sat down with Samsung’s AD carry just after their loss to unearth what went wrong against RNG, the incorrect rune in week one, and his special relationship with MVP Kim “Beyond” Kyu-suk.

Tania Mae: In this game against RNG, you mispositoned on Varus at Baron. What happened?

RULER: First of all, because RNG took Baron I thought we had to fight this one, so I tried to be a little reckless and tried to go a little bit more to the front line. That’s where I made a mistake.

Last week SSG lost to RNG who had a strong draft with Galio and Jarvan IV. This week you banned Jarvan IV but not Galio. What’s the thinking behind that?

It’s a team secret because it’s a team based discussion.

What’s your opinion on this meta and do you think it fits Samsung’s playstyle?

Because it’s an ardent censer meta, it’s more bot-oriented, so more focus is given to me. I think it fits Samsung Galaxy pretty well but since I still lack a bit of skill, I need to try harder.

What’s the difference for you when you play utility ADCs like Varus whom you had many games with, or hyper carries like Twitch today?

I think Twitch is the best ADC if we can get over the laning phase smoothly. Twitch is a very good champion because by using [Q] you can hide and deal damage to enemy champions.

Varus is a more defensive champion. When the enemies come near me, I deal more damage to them instantly over a short amount of time.

You mentioned you were looking forward to facing Uzi here at Worlds. Now that you have, how has it been?

When I played against Uzi, I felt that he was a really, really good player but I don’t think he’s unbeatable. I think if I meet him again one more time, I can beat him. I really want to meet him again once more so I can beat him.

Moving into the next round, where do you think you can improve?

During lane phase we were often pushed back. Also in team fights, I thought I was the best at team fighting, but now I’m not so sure so I think I’ll have to improve on those points.

In the first week of groups there was a match where you ran a HP Quintessence rune. Was that intentional?

It was my mistake. (smiles) Coach criticized me a lot about that.

If you could equip runes in real life, which would you choose?

(pauses to think) I want to use the AP runes because I really want to use magic in real life. Yeah, that’s the rune I want to use.

We heard you have a special relationship with Beyond. Could you tell us more about that?

During Challengers Korea, even though we were on different teams, I got to know him and for some reason it felt like he was attracted to me in a love relationship, so I’ve always welcomed him.

Last year was your first time at Worlds. This year is your second. What’s the difference?

Compared to last year I think my skill as an ADC has increased so much. However our team has not been able to qualify for quarterfinals as first seed, so I really want to get better. Because we were second place last year, I really want to win the World Championship this year.

Worlds 2017 quarterfinals start on 19 October 2017 (Thursday). Check for updates.