The League of Legends Hyperplay Singapore Playoffs was held at the Asia Game Festival earlier this month.  Team Resurgence (RSG) were the heavy favourites to win the tournament due to their exemplary recent performance. However, a huge swing in meta from patch 8.10 to 8.11, RSG seemed unprepared when faced up against their long-time rivals Team Sovereign (SVR).

Sovereign pulled out the Nunu-Karthus strategy in Game 1, finding clutch fights that eventually broke the camel’s back. RSG did try to fight back in Game 2 as both teams drafted more standard team compositions. However, a critical turn-around fight by Sovereign’s Dominic “Arykelic” Loh sealed the game for SVR and they walked away Champions and the Singapore Representative for Hyperplay.

We spoke to Coach Leonard “OMO” Loh about their victory against the favourites in the tournament.

Hi OMO. Congratulations on your win. It was a nail-biter but you guys managed a 2-0 in the end. What were your thoughts before the match and then after?

Before the match we had a come what may attitude for numerous reasons such as lack of practice due to player commitments. We felt unprepared coming into the Finals. If we won – great, if we lost – meh, no big deal.

After the match most of us were overjoyed as we honestly didn’t expect to win especially with a 2-0.

SVR looked very prepared coming into this tournament, especially in terms of Picks and Bans. How did you manage to get such a read on the meta considering the major leagues haven’t started yet?

EternaL watched a Phylol video the night before and said “Karthus Nunu OP”.
In all honesty, that was pretty much how it went. The morning of our game, we were talking about it in our group chat and we decided around an hour before the match to run that combo and practiced it in 2 quick custom games on stage before going into the match.

I’m glad it worked out.

Your players did say they only practiced a week before the event. How confident are you and your players for the Main Event of Hyperplay?

We had 1 scrim a week for a few weeks coming into this (to be honest, they weren’t the most productive due to various reasons such as having to use subs for players with other commitments and even dealing with some last minute roster complications).  With the same roster, we had a pretty good chance to aim for Top 2. However, due to another roster complication, we would be pretty satisfied with making Playoffs.

Naturally, before that, there’s the Globe Conquerors Qualifiers to look forward to with a Seed at Worlds 2018 Play-Ins on the line. Both RSG and SVR are seeded to the Qualifiers. Will this be the year of the Sovereign?

Maybe. I can’t say for sure, we’re taking it easy this split and generally just very chill due to player commitments – so winning this Hyperplay Qualifiers was actually a surprise to us. The year of Sovereign started at the tail end of 2017 anyway so let’s see how long it can go for.

Back to Hyperplay, are there any celebrity performances that you are particularly interested in watching?

I’m especially excited to see CL cause like in her 2NE1 song – I am the best.

Is there anything that you wish to say to your supporters, friends and competition?

To organizations and brands – do consider sponsoring us. To friends and supporters, as always, thank you and we love you. Finally to competition, see you guys at Globe Conquerors.

Globe Conquerers SG Qualifiers start 14 July 2018 while Hyperplay’s Main Event continues on 4th August at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Get your Tickets now.