Our resident League of Legends fanatic Tania Mae had the opportunity to ask SKT some fun questions about the players outside the context of League of Legends during their stint at MSI – read on as we find out what their favorite drinks, and more tidbits about the players outside of League of Legends. (Read more about our recap of SKT’s journey in MSI: Recipe for Excellence: SKT T1 Exclusive)

  • Starbucks is a popular choice for SKT backstage. What are your favorite flavors?
    Huni likes Americano other players like the kinds of sweet coffee. Faker doesn’t drink coffee he only drinks some juice.
  • How do you deal with jet lag when you fly overseas for international competitions such as MSI? Does it affect your gameplay?
    Jet lag does affect our players’ condition and performance in the game. We try to deal jet lag with enough sleep and rest which is planned regularly.
  • Who in the team practices 1v1 the most often? Who wins the most?
    Both Huni and Faker practice 1v1, but we’re not quite sure who wins most of them.
  • Last year SKT took some time to adapt to the MSI meta. This year due to the changes in format, SKT does not need to play until after Play-ins. How does this influence your preparations for the tournament?
    We watch the other teams’ matches, so we’re able to see this year’s MSI meta and I think it allowed us to get good composure. But our practices and preparation for MSI didn’t depend on it – we prepared for MSI as we do normally.

SKT raises the trophy for the 2017 Mid-Season Invitationals. Click to read our recap of SKT’s run at MSI, and the road ahead.


  • What do they think the biggest differences are between Korean LoL scene and the ‘Western’ LoL scene, playstyle, infrastructure, attitude etc? <Andrew Charlton>
    For sure Korean LoL teams are way more professional. From there as player can get more motivation to win.
  • What do you like most about being a pro-player in the LCK?
    I am playing in my country that make me more proud of myself and it’s more comfortable to play. I also like eating the food here, being able to speak Korean and meeting friends etc..


  • We know that Faker and Bang can get intense after a losing match. As someone who comes across as a happy-go-lucky person, how do you deal with losing on SKT?
    I don’t have my own way to deal it. I just think about what was my bad and fault in the game when my team lost.
  • Have you been able to get any of your SKT team mates to sing with you? Who is the best singer?
    There is no one to enjoy the singing with in the team. I haven’t seen someone else sing so I have no idea.


  • What is needed to maintain your top condition aside from practice?
    Deep and enough sleep
  • How are your plants doing after all these years? We have not seen them on camera for some time.
    I grew the plants wrong way so the plants died. Now I don’t cultivate plants now.

We speculate that Faker has resorted to just eating plants now.


  • Do you feel more pressured when the team drafts a ‘Protect the ADC composition’ around you such as in the LCK Spring finals 2017 recently? Does it change the way you play?
    Even it’s a ‘protect the ADC composition” I’m just playing in the way of my style. I have plenty experience in the league and tournament so I don’t feel pressure in any given condition.


  • What do you think of the new support Rakan so far? Do you think he should only be played with Xayah or can he excel without her?
    Although I didn’t play Rakan many times yet, I think it has better synergy when it’s with Xayah.


  • In what ways has Huni’s experience in NA and EU been valuable to the team?
    I think it’s valuable to Huni himself and his play for the team.
  • Are you accepting dating applications from outside of Korea as well?
    I don’t use dating application.

Coach Kkoma at MSI

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