The members of SK Telecom T1 have moved over to Twitch for our streaming pleasure starting February 1.

It was announced by SKT Bang on Twitter last night, 40 mins before the end of their contract with Azubu, and starting February 1st, he will be streaming on Twitch. This is great news for them as Twitch will definitely bring them more viewership. We can also expect them to cater to audiences outside Korea, and it has been said by SKT Coach Kkoma in a report by Slingshot Esports that the players will learn English to interact with their viewers, and not use a translator.

This move was well received by the global audience who, like the majority of us, get their streaming fix on

Watch this snippet of Faker vs Bang mid from Bang’s first stream on Twitch, exactly when the clock struck 12 midnight KST on Feb 1.

Players have yet to share their stream schedules on Twitch, but we certainly look forward to seeing more of their streams.

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