With Season 7 coming to an end, big changes are coming to League of Legends. From franchising to Blue Essence changes, the game is evolving as a whole, and with it comes one things that affect players, from professionals to casuals alike. Runes Reforged, a complete overhaul of the old runes and masteries that League of Legends ran since day one, is here to stay.

Here is the quick guide to each rune in the tree, with specific runes pointed out for visibility. Those runes not mentioned are more or less not needed to be covered as they are extremely direct.


Precision Tree Quick Guide

Fleet Footwork

This looks like a replacement for Warlord’s bloodlust, but in actual fact, it is much weaker. In comparison, Warlord’s bloodlust heals for 5-40% (Based on level) AD, while Fleet Footwork heals for 5-50 (+0.1 bonus AD, +0.2 AP). This means that Fleet Footwork gets outscaled hard by Warlord’s bloodlust later on, despite a tiny bonus early game. Movement speed is 1.0s as opposed to the old 0.75s though.


This extra shield is 10% + 10 of your total HP. But the main point of contention is that what goes into the shield. Your own excess healing is only 30% effective, while allies has a 300% effectiveness. This means that this is looking at your support, rather than whether you went for the healing sustain build.



Domination Tree Quick Guide


Unlike Thunderlord’s Decree, this now requires 3 unique spells/attacks to activate. However, Electrocute does more scaling and flat damage than Thunderlord’s Decree.

Zombie Ward/Ghost Poro/Eyeball Collection

There is no real limit to how many zombie wards that can appear on the map since it does not go towards the ward count. However, Ghost Poro only applies to one brush at a time, which makes it significantly inferior in terms of vision. On the other hand, Eyeball Collection gives AD/AP based on wards cleared and takedowns. However, this does not provide vision, making it a lot less value than it appears.



Sorcery Tree Quick Guide

Summon Aery/Arcane Comet

Arcane Comet has a noticeable damage advantage over Summon Aery, but Arcane Comet is a skillshot. Therefore, for comparison, Arcane Comet is better for champions with Crowd Control effects, while Summon Aery is a stronger all-round rune. Summon Aery also has the ability to apply shields on ally, and can be picked up, making it useful for sustain supports and other niche champions.


Both of these provide an important stat. However, to add on to that, both of these convert the excess of that stats into additional AD/AP at a generous rate. Because of this, you can optimize your builds to provide an unexpected amount of AD/AP, allowing you to go for these otherwise suboptimal builds.



Resolve Tree Quick Guide

Conditioning/Iron Skin/Mirror Shell

While at first glance, Conditioning may be the best choice among the three, this is mostly based on your matchup. Against Lethality and Magic Penetration users, the extra early game defensive stats could provide some value in keeping you alive and winning the matchup.

Overgrowth/Second Wind

Overgrowth may look good, but in actual fact it provides 0.2% HP per 8 minions, which translates to 5% HP at 200 minion deaths. This means that the value of Overgrowth is not as high as projected. Meanwhile, Second Wind provides 6 + 4% missing HP over 10s, which is extremely good in poke matchups, but significantly worst against all-ins.



Inspiration Tree Quick Guide

 Magical Footwear/Future’s Market

While Magical Footwear has a clear advantage in terms of gold, it denies you the opportunity to buy boots, which can be important in certain matchups. Meanwhile, Future Market has a debt of 150 + 5/min, and costs 50g per shop (apply once only until shop window is closed). This means that the gold value is always less, but you run into less problems where you lack gold for an item.

Celestial Body

While 100 HP is a good stat to have for combat, the -10% damage is not. The offset is significant since this basically ensures that you lose lane, for the advantage of about 266g worth of HP.


After looking through what each rune does, here are some combinations that can work wonders. The unnecessary runes are left out in the following examples.

Transcendence + Cosmic Insight + Ultimate Hat

For champions that rely heavily on their ultimate abilities, this combinations ensures maximum usage, especially for spam mages or catch champions. Other skills also benefit as well, and the excess CDR will go well into more damage values. Works well with Lissandra and Malzahar.

Predator + Relentless Hunter + Celerity + (Optional) Waterwalking

This setup provides as much movement speed as possible, inclusive of Out of Combat movement speed, to increase maximum roam and burst potential. Works well with movement speed champions, as well as Lethality users (Yommuu’s Ghostblade provides a good amount of movement speed and Out of Combat movement speed).

Celestial Body + Overgrowth + Conditioning

To provide maximum late game survivability, this build provides as much late game boosts as possible, with the idea that all the champion needs to do is survive 10 minutes into the game. Works on scaling HP tanks such as Cho’gath and Tahm Kench.

Glacial Augment + Approach Velocity

This combination ensures that once you have hit a champion, you have additional movement speed to chase them down. The slow from Glacial Augment allows you to have Approach Velocity towards those enemy champions. Works well with Thresh and Braum.


Runes Reforged is still relatively new, and many combinations can be used, whether they are discovered or not. With this guide, this will ensure that the more obscure runes and setups would be brought out, and the hidden overpowered and seemingly overpowered runes are brought out to examine, so as to ensure that players know what they are getting into, when choosing the runes.

Infographics are made by Terence “OffNight” Chan. Images are taken from leagueoflegends.wikia.com. Stats are taken on 15 Nov 2017.

The author would like to thank John Lim for his help in examining the Rune Reforged list.