This is a rumor; Longzhu Gaming’s substitute jungler, Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan may be moving to LPL to join the new ASUS team.

In Korean forums, fans have pointed out that in Baidu’s FA List, Cuzz is listed as a free agentMeanwhile, in Inven, fans have quoted Weibo and said that Cuzz may be joining ASUS’s new League of Legend team Rogue Warrior alongside Kim “Doinb” Tae-sangHan “Smlz” Jin and Chen “Mouse” Yu-Hao.

Korean fans suggested that as Peanut joins Longzhu Gaming as the senior, high-caliber jungler, Cuzz will most likely be pushed as a substitute in the next season; which may explain why Cuzz would consider looking for other opportunities.

Cuzz made his debut as a professional player in 2017 during LCK Summer Season. Despite the fact it was his debut season, he made his mark in LCK with his mechanical prowess and physique, especially known for his signature Kha’zix. Longzhu Gaming won 2017 LCK Summer Season, making Cuzz the first player to win LCK in the same season he has debuted since 2013.