Royal Never Give Up ended Groups with First Seed but the journey to get there was a tumultuous one against Team Vitality and Cloud9.

Congratulations making into Quarterfinals. You guys had a scare against Vitality and Cloud9 today, what are your thoughts on that?

We thought that there would at least be one upset, but losing two games was rather surprising. These two teams did very well to change my perception of them. They did well to find solutions against our strategy.

Cloud9 look like they are on a huge upswing, what do you think of Jensen’s Zilean?

I think Zilean has great utility and I feel like I have to try him out. As for Jensen, he’s one of the better Zileans out there.

After two losses, Mlxg took over. How is Karsa feeling today?

Karsa might not have been able to perform to his full potential today possibly due to nervousness. However, I’m not worried about his mentality. There’s nothing a good sleep can’t fix.

Gen.G were the first team to drop out of the World Championship. Was this an expected development?

I think the whole world possibly thought that. I feel like Gen.G may not have done enough preparation before the tournament started.

What do you think of LCK’s current situation?

I think in esports, the strongest dictate the meta. In one year, many teams made changes. I feel like the gap between LCK and other regions has closed. I also feel like because regions still feel LCK are the strongest that they give it their all against them.

In a previous interview, Jizuke said that he learned a lot of their strategy from the LPL, did you feel that today?

VIT does feel like LPL, they like to fight a lot as well.

You have a few days to rest before the Playoffs start. What will your team be doing to celebrate for now?

I think we will use these days to practice, prepare for the BO5 and rectify our mistakes made today.

The tournament continues with Flash Wolves vs Afreeca Freecs today at 5pm KST.