Wild Rift fans from Southeast Asia rejoice. Just as the Wild Rift SEA Pentaboom concluded yesterday with Vietnam’s Volley taking the victory without dropping a single game, Riot Games Southeast Asia has more plans in store for Wild Rift esports.

Didn’t drop a single game

Today, Riot Games Southeast Asia announced 2021 esports and competitive collegiate plans for League of Legends: Wild Rift, the 5v5 mobile MOBA that is in Open Beta across Southeast Asia. 

Wild Rift Esports will kick off with several smaller, intermittent competitive events from January through March to give viewers a taste of the budding talent and teams in the region. In April, this will transition into eight location-specific tournament circuits, where teams will compete for the title of local champion. Once local champions have been crowned, they will compete against other local champions at a cross-Southeast Asia level. 

Riot Games Southeast Asia will be partnering with several organizations to roll out competitive events. Esports partners will focus on major esports events and tournaments. Collegiate partners will partner with educational institutions and universities across the region to create exciting tournaments that will give students a taste of top tier competition. The appointed partners that will work in close support with Riot Games Southeast Asia to roll out the official Wild Rift esports and collegiate tournaments are:


  • ONE Up for Indonesia Esports and Collegiate


  • ESL for Malaysia Esports
  • The Gaming Company for Malaysia Collegiate


  • Mineski Philippines for Philippines Esports
  • Mineski Philippines and AcadArena as two separate organizers for Philippines Collegiate


  • PGL and Eliphant for Singapore Esports and Collegiate


  • Cyber Games Arena for Taiwan Esports
  • Taiwan Mobile and Bowl Cut Entertainment for Taiwan Collegiate


  • ESL for Thailand Esports and Collegiate


  • VNG for Vietnam Esports and Collegiate

”We knew that players were eager and ready for Wild Rift competition. In 2021, we’re focusing on laying the foundations of our long-term commitment to Wild Rift esports in Southeast Asia. We’re looking forward to delivering memorable experiences alongside the region’s top esports organizations over the course of the year.” said Chris Tran, Head of Esports at Riot Games Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

It seems that now is the best time for Wild Rift fans to start brushing up on their skills, climb the ladder and gather the best teammates they can to conquer Southeast Asia!

Stay tuned for more on 2021 Wild Rift esports in the coming weeks! In the meanwhile, head to wildrift.leagueoflegends.com and follow http://www.facebook.com/playWildRift to stay up to date.