In the latest Riot Pls video, Lead Producer New001 shared upcoming updates regarding Runes, the Honor system, 10 Ban system, Voice Chat, and more. The update covered very exciting changes that yet again could shift the way League of Legends is played – possibly more so than previous iterations of Runes and Masteries.

Here’s a quick rundown of the changes mentioned:

  • More bugfixes and implementation of item sets are on the way
  • New Rune system will combine Runes and Masteries
  • All Runes will be FREE
  • More Keystone Runes are available and are intended to grant a lot more power to than current Keystone Masteries
  • Compensation for current rune owners will be announced at a later date
  • New Honor system to be released in the next patch and is already in PTR
  • Players with higher Honor levels will get better drops from loot
  • Honoring is more integrated into the system to encourage use
  • Riot is looking into Voice Chat, but are approaching it carefully as it can be a polarizing issue.

Runes and Masteries

Runes and Masteries have been a core part of League of Legends all the way back to Season 1 – with some tweaks to runes and mastery tree overhauls every season. These mechanics have been essential to every player, but at the same time have had their own flaws. Runes in particular have been heavily criticized to be an IP sink that can prevent players from unlocking champions instead. In the update, Riot has announced that the new Rune system will be combined with Masteries – and that this new system will be completely free for all players.

Honor System

The Honor System did not feel very impactful when it was released – after a few months it was quickly forgotten. It’s actually quite likely that most new players are not aware of this system, and ultimately being a positive and friendly League of Legends player only gets you a badge that you can see in the loading screen. (If you’re lucky, one of the players would have a potato for a rig and you can stare at it for a few more seconds per game!) With the new Honor system, there are more incentives to actually be positive amidst a sea of toxicity, as there will be rewards for players with higher Honor levels.