scheduleAfter an arduous 2 weeks on Play-Ins, we are finally on to the Main Event at the Mid Season Invitational 2017. A total of 36 games will be played over 5 days starting May 10. If you are strapped for time, here are some of the games that should pique your interest more than others. (Chronologically)

Game 2: WE vs FW
Flash Wolves came into the tournament demolishing Supermassive in a convincing 3-0. But as they have not truly been tested against stronger teams, we do not know if they can execute their clean play against the likes of WE.

Similarly, Team WE represents a huge enigma. If the LPL finals were of any indication, as with LPL tradition, WE thrives in chaotic teamfights. 957 is an excellent top laner, one that MMD might want to keep his eyes on.

Game 3: GAM vs TSM
Fans from NA will be watching this game with bated breath as GAM has already taken 2 convincing games off the North American squad. TSM are expected to be more prepared than before, now knowing to ban away the Ziggs and exploit the Top lane weakness that is Stark.

However, knowing GAM, they already have a new strategy lined up; especially in a BO1. Will it be a Red Wedding, or will GAM trigger some flashbacks to Play-Ins?

Game 4: FW vs G2
Yet another rematch, this time a repeat of IEM Katowice. Although Flash Wolves did take a total of 3 convincing games against G2, it is clear now that G2 are not the same squad that had a disappointing showing at IEM, with the entire region of EU adapting their play to be more competitive globally.

But, Flash Wolves have also evolved since their World Championship win. Recognition from the top LCK teams means more scrims for the Flash Wolves, giving them ample opportunity to empower themselves. Assuming a very likely loss to SKT from Game 1, G2 will require at least a win against FW or lose all momentum for the rest of the tournament.

The Mid Season Invitational 2017 Opening Ceremony starts 10 May 11:00 PDT