The League of Legends SEA Tour (LST), previously known as the Garena Premier League, is back for Summer 2019. Grab your team and sign up for the SEA Tour here.

The Nitty Gritty
Players in Thailand (TH), Singapore and Malaysia (SAM) and Philippines (PH) servers, and age above 17 before June 30, 2019.

No Player shall be considered eligible to participate in any SEA Tour Match before having lived 17 full years. This shall not prevent Teams from registering players who have lived 16 full years in a SEA Tour Event qualifier, granted that they will have lived 17 full years before the commencement of the first SEA Tour Match (June 30, 2019) in any region.

LST in a nutshell

Ranked Qualifiers

The LST 2019 Summer Split Ranked Qualifiers will be played in PH, SAM, TH servers.

  • 10-day long tournament
  • June 14 12:00 to June 23 22:00 (GMT+8)
  • Each team can register up to 7 players
  • Total Rank Points will be cumulative MMR of the top 5 players within the team and will be placed on the Ranked Qualifiers Leaderboard.
  • The Top 7 teams in PH and TH servers will advance
  • The Top 6 teams in SAM server will advance

Invited Teams
Runner-ups of LST 2019 Spring Split among PH, ID, TH, and SAM servers are invited to compete in the National Qualifiers . Since ID and SAM servers merged recently, SAM will have two teams invited. Thus, a total of 8 teams from each server will advance to the National Qualifiers.

  • XSW from PH
  • DTN from TH
  • CLX and ZHR from SAM

National Qualifiers

LST 2019 Summer Split National Qualifiers will be played in PH, TH and SAM respectively.

  • 8 teams compete in Best-of-1-Game Double Elimination Bracket
  • The final match in each bracket will be Best-of-3-Games
  • TH server is rewarded with an extra spot in the Regular Season for winning LST 2019 Spring Split (MEGA)

The teams listed below will qualify for LST 2019 Summer Split Regular Season:


  • Winner in the Winner’s Bracket of TH National Qualifiers
  • Winner in the Loser’s Bracket of TH National Qualifiers
  • Winner of LST 2019 Spring Split’s TH Minor: MEGA


  • Winner of PH National Qualifiers
  • Winner of LST 2019 Spring Split’s PH Minor: LIYAB


  • Winner of SAM National Qualifiers
  • Winner of LST 2019 Spring Split’s SAM Minor: EMPIRE
  • Winner of LST 2019 Spring Split’s ID Minor: CAPITAL

Regular Season

  • 8 teams in Regular Season
  • Best-of-3-Games single Round Robin
  • Top 6 teams ranked by the win rate will advance to Summer Split Playoffs

If two teams are tied with the same win rate, either team with more wins when they play against each other will advance in priority.

Summer Split Playoffs

More information about LST 2019 Summer Split Playoff will be revealed in the future.

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