WIN Esports (WIN) came out of the left field. Suddenly appearing in the 2019 League of Legends SEA Tour (LST) and beating out favourites Resurgence in the qualifying stages of the tournament, WIN instantly became Top Dog for the LST after beating out MEGA 2-1 last week.

Spring Split Champion MEGA never dropped a single game in the entirely of the LST Split. However, not only did a team that only played together for two months beat MEGA once, they did so twice and toppled the Goliath in a Best-of-Three match.

This was largely due to newly acquired teammates Li “ShaDow” Hao and L1BERO from China. Who were both awarded MVPs for the games they won in the BO3 match.

However, a Malaysian veteran held all the cards in order to make those plays possible. This was none other than Chan “ArrHedge” Roong Han. We spoke to ArrHedge on his thoughts on the upset win against MEGA.

Congratulations on your upset win against MEGA. Did you expect this win against them?

Coming into the series I was not so sure but after the first game we could tell that we are able to win against them.

Your Zoe has been the stuff of legends. It was a pleasure to watch you beat out MEGA with her. How do you think Zoe fits in the current meta?

I think Zoe is a good pick as there are less tanks in the game now so it’s easy to take more than half their life with a paddle star .

Speaking of meta, how do you think the meta will shift with the upcoming 9.14 patch?

I think the meta will stay about the same but with new buffed 9.14 patch Champions coming into the pool.

Other than MEGA, what other teams are you on the lookout for? Why?

Liyab and AXE will be on my lookout as they perform really well during spring split.

You’ll be facing DeToNator in two weeks, and then have a packed week after that. What is the team condition like right now?

Currently we are trying to make as many mistakes as possible, so we can rectify it. We’re also learning each other’s play style as I have only joined the team recently.

ArrHedge also went on to add that he had the confidence of 8 out of 10 in winning the entire LST 2019.

WIN Esports continue their LST journey on August 4, 2019, 6pm Singapore Time.