Last Sunday, the Singapore Qualifiers for Globe Conquerors Manila (GCM) culminated in a showdown of the two powerhouses Sovereign and Resurgence once again. Only this time, Resurgence; true to their name, came back to take back their title as King of Singapore in a clean 3-0 sweep.

We speak to Resurgence Coach Jia Lun “Rayne” Ang on their thoughts after the match.

Q: First of all, congratulations on the very convincing win against Sovereign. After so many hard-fought battles, RSG are now back at the top. What would you say the team condition is right now?

We’re so relieved that we finally won (against) Sovereign, the team’s mental state going into the best of 5 series was really tense, so we’re glad that all the hard work payed off. Imagine losing in the finals 3 times in a row, it can really be demoralizing to a team that has committed hours and hours of practice each week.

Nonetheless, we remained resilient and this win has given us the opportunity to showcase our team’s performance on the regional stage.

Q: If you had to give an MVP to one of your team members, who would it be and why.

I personally think that all the players performed exceptionally well, but the one player that deserved it the most would be Raven.

Despite being only 17 this year, he has shown incredible amounts of improvements throughout the time I spent with him. He has learnt to become a selfless team player that puts his team before himself which is an attribute I highly respect, and he has always been willing to accept the fact that he is not perfect and that there’s always room for improvement.

Seeing him perform so well during the best of 5 series on his signature champions like Galio and Zoe really impressed me and I look forward to seeing him perform better on the regional stage.

Q: As for Sovereign, you just recruited Shinsekai and Kra from their team. How has their addition impacted the team thus far?

Both additions have been incredibly important to our team, especially in the leadership role. Revive, who was our previous top lane and team captain, recently left for national service which created a big hole in the shot calling ability of the team.

Having to fill in the shoes of a leader was not easy for Shinsekai, the current team captain of the team, but being a veteran in the scene for such a long time ensured that he was capable to step up for the team when needed.

Kra became the supportive shot caller to provide the necessary information to the team and although we faced a lot of tension in the first couple of weeks when they joined, we managed to resolve our differences to create a highly conducive and efficient training environment.

Q: Looking forward, there is still a long road ahead. You face powerhouses such as Kuala Lumpur Hunters and Ascension Gaming. What are your thoughts on these teams?

KLH is a team that you can never discount on, their strong early game pace dictated by their star player QaspieL has always been something which we respect a lot. We know that there has been a strong rivalry between us and KLH and it is going to be a close match, but we’re fully confident to take them down at GCM.

ASC on the other hand were the champions last year, and some might say that it’s impossible to take down Thailand’s number one seed, but we’re strangely confident to face them. It would also be interesting to meet our dear Rockky again, who has once subbed for Resurgence in the GPL 2 splits ago. While the memories we had with him were pleasant, it is unfortunate that he will possibly be one of our opponents at GCM.

Q: With that, how confident are you and your team in reaching the World Stage?

We have worked tirelessly over the past couple of months to reach where we are today, and we will not stop doing so until we reach the world stage. For many of our players, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to realize their dream because we are possibly the only non-full-time team among all the other teams at GCM.

Despite competing with a time disadvantage, our players have placed everything else on the line for this year’s trophy, so we’re going to play without any regrets going into GCM.

Q:Finally, is there anything you wish to say to the team’s supporters and fans?

Thank you for supporting Resurgence for the past couple of months, we know we have not delivered good performances lately but rest assured that this will be our time to shine at GCM.

Resurgence will face up against top tier talent from all over SEA in Manila from 13 August onwards. Be sure to catch those matches LIVE.