KT kicked off the day with an explosive game against MAD Team, shutting them down early and strangling them to victory. We spoke to Ucal on his thoughts of LCK and MAD Team.

Congratulations on your win. It wasn’t even close! What’s the team condition like right now?

Thank you. Our team condition is getting better every game.

You guys played MAD Team at Rift Rivals earlier this year. How have your team changed since then?

During Rift Rivals, we were able to learn from many other teams and apply what we have learned to our team. So we have learned a lot.

In your eyes, how has MAD Team changed since then?

As for Mad Team, we thought that they were a very passive team. But this time they were rather aggressive, so it threw us off.

It’s your first time playing at Worlds. What’s it like to play an international tournament in your home country?

I’m not sure if it’s because of the home ground, but I feel like the fans are cheering more than the regular season and because of that it’s more exciting and good to play. I think that’s improving my performance as well.

The other LCK teams haven’t been performing up to standard recently, how do you feel about their performance so far?

I think when it comes to performance, it is something that is very relative. That’s why I think things didn’t work out for them. Hopefully they regain their condition to get better performances today.

What advice would you like to give them?

Don’t be pressured and scared of losing just because you’re representing the Korean Teams. We’re doing good so make sure you show everything you have.

Of course that means that a lot of LCK fans are placing their hopes on KT now. What are your thoughts on that?

Yes, we are gaining the interest of other LCK team as well. I’m not sure about my other teammates, but I really want to live up to their expectations.

You have already beaten TL and MAD and will face EDG tomorrow. How will you be preparing for this upcoming match?

We’re not trying to focus on who our opponents are. Rather than that, we just want to improve on our mistakes and show a better performance.

Is there any other team outside of your group that you wish to face against?

Royal Never Give Up

Are there any final words you would like to say?

I know that many of our fans are worried because it’s my first World Championship. I also know lot of fans want us to perform well. I do want to live up to your expectations, show better performances and make it to the finals.

KT face EDG today at 10pm KST