After a rough start to the Group Stage, Gen.G finally grabbed their first win against Cloud9, placing the the bottom 3 teams in a tie for 2nd place. We spoke to Gen.G’s support CoreJJ for his insights as well as his previous stay in NA.

Congratulations on your first win against Cloud9 today. After 2 very rough days, you managed to take this win convincingly. What does this do to your team’s morale?

When we lost the first game, our mindset was “We can win the rest and still make it out as First Seed”. But when we lost the second game, we were like “Let’s get out of the group first”. I think today was the most important moment to get out of groups.

Like you said, this win was very crucial for you and your team to survive Group Stages. You have another Round Robin to turn things around, what will you be doing tomorrow for preparation?

Every team has 1 day off. For us, I think this is our chance to figure out our weaknesses and find the best strategies to focus on.

This win, alongside KT’s win earlier today seems to mark LCK’s recovery from a poor start. What do you think of LCK’s current situation?

Well, it’s a competition; so there are winners and losers. I think because of our consecutive losses we’re lacking in confidence, so I believe we have to cheer up. I hope all our [LCK] teams can move forward in the Group Stage.

CoreJJ, you used to play in NA and you had to beat up an NA team today. Do you miss NA?

After the first year I was back from NA, I really missed NA a lot. But since I’ve been in Korea for a long time now, I don’t think I will be able to go back there. I’d rather go back there for a vacation.

What would you like to do in NA for your vacation?

Since AllStars will be at Las Vegas, I want to be playing in Las Vegas.

Gen.G and RNG have been grouped together for 3 years in a row. Have you formed a good rivalry with them by now?

In terms of rivalry, I think there has to be a back-and-forth. If we lose again, it’s just going back. So, I wouldn’t call it a rivalry. I hope that we can take them down. If it happens, it will be a great chance for us to improve each other’s performance.

 Who do you think is the best support in the tournament?

In 2016 and 2017, I have always thought of myself as the best support. Now I feel like “why is he so good” and I lost confidence. I think it’s time to chance that mindset. I’m the best player.

Do you have any final words to say to fans who are rooting for Gen.G?

Every time I enter the venue, I can feel “It’s Korea”. The crowd supporting me is so meaningful. I just want to live up to their expectations. Before every game, I feel I have to bring happiness to the fans that are supporting us. I’ll make sure to come back and show a better performance to make them happy to be our fans.

Gen.G will face Cloud9 once again Oct 14, 4pm KST.