FNC destroyed G-Rex in convincing fashion today. We caught up with FNC Bwipo on their dominating win and his thoughts on groups.

Congratulations on your win against G-Rex today. You’re now 2-1 and look to exit the group in dominating fashion. How is Fnatic feeling right now?

I haven’t got to talk to my teammates yet. But I’m pretty sure we’re satisfied with what happened. The thing to take away the most is that we took the game slow despite having an advantage. I feel like we can always take the game slow at our own pace and macro and hopefully win the game.

EU is doing fairly well this tournament. However, there’s still a lot of tournament left to play. How do you guys ensure that this momentum stays?

For Fnatic, our momentum is mostly based on our individual skill as well as macro gameplay- everything kind of adds up. I think for the other teams, they are displaying the styles that they used to get to the World stage and they are using that to their advantage. I feel like once they get figured out they might get slowed down a little bit. They might have to dig deeper into their champion pools for certain players to achieve success. But if they can, I think EU will have a very successful year at Worlds.

There are no LCK teams in your group to beat. But who do you think are your toughest opponents in the group?

Only Invictus Gaming is a real threat to take games off of us. Of course we respect G-Rex and 100Thieves as well. But the way we have to prepare for them is rather simple.

Against Invictus, they are a much more volatile opponent that we are going to be looking to activate in the early game. This is a little bit harder. We are going to have to find champions that we’re comfortable with to take them in the early game but still have good scaling.

We’ve already seen Hjarnan back on his Heimerdinger and Jizuke on Ekko. Earlier this season we saw you sub in for Rekkles in the bottom lane to play bruisers. Will we be expecting something like this to happen in this tournament?

It’s something we keep in the back pocket. It’s not a main strategy by any means or we would have already showed it. It is something we considered and practiced in the boot camp. If the opportunity arises, I’m sure the coaching staff will tap into that. But for now, I think Rekkles has been performing really well and is a very reliable AD Carry that we need to win those late game teamfights and play our style.

Caps is the only EU player to be ranked in the Top 20. Do you think anyone else in Fnatic deserves an honourable mention?

I think that after worlds people will definitely consider putting Broxah. I think Broxah has been performing really well and consistent. After his Lee Sin game, he showed some really impressive display of skill there. I’m happy to see him showing it off today.

Thank Mr. Broxah. Lastly, are there any words you would like to say to your fans worldwide?

Instead of comparing me and SoaZ, let’s add each other up. We compliment each other and make each other stronger. It’s all to make the team stronger and give us more options down the line.

Fnatic play 100 Thieves October 17, 5pm KST