Earlier today, we saw Afreeca Freecs finally take their first win against Phong Vũ Buffalo. We caught up with him on his thoughts of meeting his former teammates and Royal Never Give Up.

Congratulations on your first win against Phong Vũ Buffalo. This was a crucial win for you. What is the current team condition right now?

Right now, we just want to continue winning. We’re feeling aggressive I guess.

You played Mowgli instead of Spirit. What kind of dynamic does he bring to the team?

I follow what my coach tells me. It was the coach’s decision. Whatever the team needs is the best decision.

This is the first time AFS has ever made the World Championship. But it is not your first time. How does it feel to come back to the World Stage after so long and starting as the main roster?

At first I thought it would be easy to come back to Worlds. It turns out it wasn’t. Being here makes me want to keep coming back no matter what.

Being their first time here, did your teammates get nervous?

It’s not nervousness. It’s more of a desire to win and push forward. There is some nervousness but it’s all combined together to push to win.

You were a member of the Flash Wolves in 2015. While the team has changed a lot since then, your lane partner SwordArt still remains in the roster. How did you feel to see your old teammates again?

Seeing my past teammates, I want to win, always. Losing is something I don’t want and I feel like I have to beat them.

I’m sure you have also met Karsa who is now doing very well in RNG. Many people are saying RNG are favourites to win the whole tournament. What do you think?

I feel that RNG is probably one of the best teams here at Worlds. They have great team play and communication and have a great chance to win Worlds.

Is there a team that you would like to face outside of this group?

Probably the LCK teams.

Finally, there are many fans from all over the world who support you. Even in the LMS, there are fans who are still supporting you. What do you want to say to all your fans?

I am very grateful for the LMS fans. Even when I went there as a nobody, fans still embraced me fully. I am very thankful for that.

Afreeca Freecs play Flash Wolves October 15, 5pm KST