Vietnam swept Singapore 2-0 in the Hyperplay semi-finals last evening at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Game 2 in particular was hard fought by both sides as the momentum shifted back and forth. For a long while during the mid game, no one could tell who would win.

While defending their base late game, the Super Star Destroyers caught a few Singapore players out of position, which sealed the deal. Tania Mae caught up with team Vietnam to find out about their experience of Hyperplay so far.

Game 2 looked harder than game 1. What made it a closer game?
Super Star Destroyers: In the second game we made a lot of mistakes, that’s why.

How did the team’s communication change in game 2?
SSD: We constantly cheered each other on. Because we wanted to win, so we told each other ‘Go! Go!’

In the semi-finals the team picked jungle, mid and top first. What’s the thinking behind this?
Coach Optimus: Because tomorrow is the finals against Malaysia, and Malaysia is quite strong, so we wanted to do something different for the semifinals and save the best for the last.

During group stage, your team showed AP and AD carries in the bot lane. During semifinals however, all the teams have picked traditional ADCs. Why do you think this is so?
Artemis: We thought about every AP champion but they got banned, so we came back to AD carry.

Artemis, both games fell into your hands to carry. Did you feel any pressure and what was going through your mind?
Artemis: I felt a bit pressured but after both games, I feel just happy!

What have you learned from the competition so far?
Artemis: Don’t underestimate our opponents, and we should prepare as much as possible.

How do you find Optimus as a coach?
Artemis: Optimus is a member of the team. This is the first time for all of us competing in a major league. We don’t have much experience. He is here to support us. With regards to any issue, whether it be keyboard or mouse, he will take care of us.

How have your interactions with other teams from Southeast Asia been? Have they sought your advice?
Artemis: Every country has their own strengths. So Vietnam may be stronger than other teams now but 10 years later, maybe not, so I think each country would need to find their own strengths.

What was the highlight of your tour of Singapore?
Artemis: Singapore is so beautiful, and so clean! We’ve made a lot of friends from Southeast Asia. We were very happy going to Universal Studios Singapore. We enjoyed Transformers: The Ride a lot and we went on it maybe 4, 5 times.

What do you expect going into the finals?
Artemis: We want to win and be the champion.