An Epic Grand Finals

It was a showdown in the Grand Finals of Hyperplay as Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Hunters upset the then-undefeated Vietnam Super Star Destroyers. Coming in as the favorites, the Super Star Destroyers immediately showed signs of weakness as KLH took control of Game 1 by taking away SSD’s Jayce. Not to be outdone, SSD took Jayce away from ArrHedge in Game 2, but quickly found out the terror that is ArrHedge’s Zoe – quickly racking up those Mejai stacks and securing the series by bursting SSD’s botlaners with one Paddle Star.

We had the opportunity to sit with KLH after their victory and speak to the ecstatic players. Also read our Semifinals interview with them here as they shared their thoughts coming into this series.

Playing against the Super Star Destroyers

Vietnam went undefeated throughout the whole tournament, but you just took the series over them. What preparations did you make to be able to overcome Superstar Destroyers?
The main preparation came from our coach, when he realized Anivia was a very strong pick for them. In two of the group stage matches we played against them, they beat us twice with Anivia. Yesterday’s Singapore matches helped us see that when their mid laner did not have Anivia, they did not play that well.

You guys banned Anivia for both games against Vietnam – what about SSD’s Anivia was problematic in your view?
His Anivia is really good, with the way he zones in lane, he can still roam. Which means he’s really good in lane, and Anivia is one of those picks that is rarely seen, so it’s really problematic if you don’t get enough practice against Anivia.

To Shiro: Was it intentional to tilt SSD’s toplaner? There seemed to be a focus on keeping Darrys down during both games – especially in Game 1, which seemingly led to Darrys always getting caught.
In the first game, we didn’t plan to do that. But we saw the Kindred go to our jungle, past the tribush. Once we killed the Kindred, we knew we could keep killing the Mundo as their jungle could not do anything at that point, so we decided to focus on him the first game.

Artemis was tearing it up yesterday against Singapore, what did you guys do to play around him?
Artemis is a really good player for sure, in this tournament he’s the top 1 or 2 ADC players. We were the only team that killed him in lane – twice. Today we decided to play more around their team comps, which was why we picked mages. However for these games it was more optimal for our jungler to focus on top. The Lucian counter pick to my Taliyah in game 2 was actually very effective – there was a lot of pressure and I even died in lane. We won because of our team plan, and our midlaner ArrHedge was really on fire today.

Veki: You ran mages today against Vietnam, why the change in strategy from yesterday, when you had an amazing Kai’sa game?
I think being able to play both AD and mages and having a big champion pool is one of my biggest strengths right now. I’m sure this threw them off a lot because the first game they couldn’t handle my Ziggs, and in the second game they did not know how to read our drafts because we picked both Kindred and Taliyah together, which are both jungle picks. Because I can play these mages, it created a lot of flexibility for our plans and drafting. Because I was a midlane player, these came naturally to me.

There’s something Doublelift said – that sometimes it’s just your instinct with a champion. Somehow I’m just good with mages, and being able to play them at botlane is good for me because it’s a slower paced lane. Some of these mages are not good in mid because they can’t roam, but playing them in botlane is viable. I actually have a much higher winrate with mages than ADC in solo queue.

Veki cheering during his post-match interview. Photo credit: Hyperplay

ArrHedge: Your Zoe play was insane with a great start and even had the confidence to go for the Mejai’s – what were you feeling this game?
After getting 5 kills I ramped up really fast because I can see myself one shotting everybody with one skill, so I decided to go for the Mejai’s because I can play on the backline, and Zoe is a good poke hero and can stay safe.

The crowd was very loud when you secured the win against SSD, how does it feel to take it all with an amazing crowd cheering you on?
Today it actually felt like we were in home ground, it felt like we were in Malaysia and not Singapore. Yesterday when we were playing, the crowd wasn’t that loud, but today we can even hear them through our microphones. It was really fantastic actually. Today’s crowd was much much louder.

Looking Forward

What’s next for KLH?
Looking forward to GCM, 4-5 days from now. Hopefully we can ramp up our momentum and get another chance at GPL. Last year we got second, so we want to win this year.

Any message to your fans and the attendees of Hyperplay?
We are very grateful for the fans that attended and watched the games. It’s very nice to hear the crowd cheering and everything. I think we got a lot more fans today after the game, after defeating Vietnam. Especially ArrHedge. You can hear the crowd was very electric.

The Kuala Lumpur Hunters. Photo credit: Hyperplay

Our writers with KLH at the post-game interview