Earlier today, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Hunters faced off against Phlippines’ Acclaim EmpireX in the Semi-Finals of Hyperplay. In it, Philippines took the first game against KLH, but KLH came back swinging, taking a close Game 2 before hitting the final nail in the coffin in Game 3 as Ozoraveki took a Quadra Kill. We spoke to KLH after their match for their thoughts on the match as well as Hyperplay as a whole.

First of all, Congratulations on the win. What do you say is the team condition right now?
SOUPerior: We’re happy we made finals and very relieved as we lost the first game and took the next two.

In the next match will feature Singapore vs Vietnam. Who would you like to face tomorrow in the finals?
SOUPerior: We would like to face Vietnam as we lost to them in Groups and we want to get our revenge.

What do you think of Vietnam as a region right now since they became the VCS.
Ozoraveki: I think Vietnam outgrew all the other regions. The community is very supporting and players are hungry for tournaments in order to face the best of the best. Even the team here is a B-League team but they are still super strong. Their talent pool is so huge because their player base is almost half the player base of LoL in Southeast Asia, that’s why they outdo their competition.

So what do you think of Sovereign though?
SOUPerior: I think SVR are an alright team. I do believe that their chances against Vietnam are 50-50. It really depends on who performs better on the day.

Your team played Heimer-Tahm and Orianna-Rakan bot lane in the group stages but you can also play the traditional bot lane. What makes KLH such a versatile team?
SOUPerior: I think we have large champion pools so we can play a large variety of styles. So we do work a lot on our champion pools.
Ozoraveki: It really comes down to the game plan of the day. We obviously want to play AP champions in bottom lane but I also think it was more of a team comp situation where we really had to play standard ADC on those games. As for variety, I used to play Mid Lane so playing Mages is not much of a change to me.

As for Ozoraveki, you’ve been touted as the star player of KLH for so long. Carrying on Ziggs and now Kai’sa. How do you and your team communicate during bad situations?
Ozoraveki: I think one of the main reasons is that SOUPerior is really smart. I used to have to talk a lot to my support and jungle but SOUPerior and Qaspiel know what to do most of the time and it frees me up to focus on other aspects of the game. When things so rough, we relax and look for opportunities to come back.

For Qaspiel, you had a very rough Kindred game in Groups, but today you did fantastic on Kindred. How did you manage to turn it all around?
Qaspiel: I think for the previous Kindred game it was mostly due to me not communicating with my team as I was indecisive. As for today, I feel like everything fell into place and we worked so well as a team, so that’s why it looked so good.

You’ve been in Singapore for around a week or so now. How do you like the country so far?
Amanda: I think Singapore is really great. Hyperplay put in a lot of effort in hospitaility. They brought us to many places for shoots and tours. I think we can all agree that the best part was the visit to Universal Studios Singapore.
Ozoraveki: I think this is the first tournament where we are brought around to see the sights.

I’ve seen a lot of images online with you guys mingling with other teams. It seems like you are having a lot of fun. Which team or player in particular do you hang out with the most?
Ozoraveki: I talked to most of them. But it all started with the Laos ADC Mad Hunter and he told me all about the Laos League of Legends Scene. From there, we got to know a lot of the other team members and we just hung out. I’m happy that all teams here are very friendly, even Philippines wished us good luck before their games against us. It’s really great.

So, this is Hyperplay and there are many celebrities here. Who do you look forward to meeting or watching?
Ozoraveki: She (Amanda) really wanted to watch The Sam Willows really badly but so many interviews made her miss most of the performance.

Amanda: (Laughs) We had to meet the Deputy Minister and stuff so, I was… mmm… okay. At least I did manage to catch a little bit of the performance. So it’s all good.

There are many fans here to support you today, what would you like to say to them today?
Ozoraveki: They are amazing! I was so surprised to see them here today. They travelled long hours to Singapore to watch us play. I was so excited to see them. Really, thank you so much for being here.
Amanda: Especially since there is a huge difference in Currencies between Singapore and Malaysia, the fact that they still travelled down to support us is very heartwarming. It means a lot to KLH and Malaysia in general. It’s top-notch support.

Anything else to share in terms of Hyperplay?
Ozoraveki: I think this tournament is very amazing. Maybe not in terms of prize pool. But the hotel is good, they bring us around and give us enough money for food. And then, Universal Studios! We never have to worry about anything. They provide everything we might need. The hospitality is the best I’ve seen.Then we have the talent of Shoutcasters coming down from LPL and NA. Especially Clement Chu where we used to meet in the LMS and now we meet again. It’s a great experience.This is also the only tournament where we have all 10 countries in ASEAN. I would not have made so many friends and had so much fun if not for this tournament. Amazing Tournament.

Last but not least, what can we expect from your team tomorrow and also in the future?
ArrHedge: Hopefully we will win this tournament and we will proceed after this win to go for GCM. From there we will hopefully move on to win GCM and represent Malaysia at Worlds.
Ozoraveki: And this win will mean extra to us as it will be our first International Tournament win no matter what they say about it. This will be a huge confidence boost to us and the Malaysia scene.

Malaysia’s KLH will face Vietnam’s Super Star Destroyers tomorrow.