SK Telecom T1 are through to the semifinals after being pushed to game 5 by Misfits. A monumental series that forced SKT to adapt, adjust, and tweak their drafts to inch out the Misfits line up, Seung “Huni” Hoon Heo’s performance was an important factor to victory.

Before Worlds, SKT had to make a decision on whether Ui “Untara” Jin-Park or Huni would be the sole top laner coming onto the international stage. Despite Untara’s LCK Summer showing, Huni was chosen and has been delivering. Since the group stage, he’s shown outstanding skill on Cho’gath and more recently, Jayce in the quarterfinals.

Game Is Hard sat with SKT’s confident top laner Huni, who reflects on his performance this year, growing on SKT and the one food he likes above all else.

TANIA MAE: You’ve been playing Cho’gath competitively again. How do you feel when you play him?
HUNI: Always, Cho’gath is really fun when he gets huge. When I play Cho’gath I like to tell team mates that I need to last hit the dragon, last hit anyone, last hit champion.

In Spring when top tanks were in the meta, you had some really good games on Maokai for example. Then in Summer when the tank meta started coming back, you struggled. How do you feel about that?
We didn’t get a trophy for Summer split. From then, all of us were slightly down. Even for me, I felt down too. I didn’t show that I could do well during Summer split. I’m still upset about it but, still. Worlds is here and I really want to get revenge on everyone.

You’re back on tank champions now and somehow SKT always manages to win team fights against opponents. What’s the secret?
I think maybe my Cho’gath is kind of special or something. It’s my signature pick. Even long time ago I’ve been playing him more than 2, 3 years. 2 years ago, actually. Yeah that’s why I think I’m best at him, who actually understands Cho’gath.

(Photo credit: LoL Esports Flickr)

Speaking of picks, can you explain why you’ve been playing Karma top in solo queue?
I think Karma has a really strong laning phase. But late game she loses side-laning pressure because she’s an AP champion. But she’s really good with AD carries in team fights, you can get insane shield for the whole team. Laning phase is strong, teamfights also really strong.

Will we see Karma top here at Worlds?
I’ll keep practising. Maybe.

What’s the difference between the Huni at the start of 2017 and the Huni now at Worlds?
I’ve learned a lot from SKT because SKT is obviously the best team in the world. For now I’m more like, veteran. I’m still a rookie if I imagine 2017 only. I think that compared to now it’s like…

You thought you were a rookie even at the start of 2017?
Yeah, I mean, I started in 2015 but in 2017 I learned really a lot, I improved a lot as a person and professionally.

How did you feel being compared to Untara after he joined in Summer?
I thought that he was really good because Untara is always high rank. Actually he is highest rank, 1st or 2nd rank. Of course he’s really good so I think he’s gonna be even better next year. He’s gonna be really, really, really good. There are strengths and weaknesses for each person.

When you joined the team, who was the member who welcomed you the most?
I would say it should be Bang because I was sharing a room with him. That’s why when I first joined SKT I was sharing room with Bang and Blank was really nice too.

By joining SKT you had to move back to Korea. How’s your English standard now?
Yeah actually I was worried about [since] 2016 because I haven’t been using English for more than 3 months, 4 months. At MSI or Rift Rivals, they were asking for English interview I was like ‘Uh oh!’. I was trying it but it’s really lucky I didn’t forget that much, but still, I’m still forgetting I think.

(Photo credit: LoL Esports Flickr)

Well you’re doing very well! Last fun question: If you had an everlasting supply of food, which food would you pick?
Mmm…Mmm…(thinking) I think it should be sushi.

What type of sushi?
My favourite sushi is salmon.

Me too! (we laugh)

SK Telecom T1 versus Royal Never Give Up Worlds 2017 semifinals match starts 3.30pm (+8 GMT) on 28 Oct 2017, Sat.