After nearly two whole months of competition across Singapore/Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, the Female Esports League Elite came to an explosive conclusion yesterday at the Singtel Recreation Club.

Teams Asterisk* (ASTK) [Singapore/Malaysia], Barcy Esports (BE) [Philippines], Close Behind E-Sport (CBE) [Thailand] and EVOS Valkyrie (EVS) [Vietnam] all qualified as the top teams of their country and gathered at the Singtel Recreation Club to duke it out for regional supremacy. In the first day, Asterisk* ended the day with a strong 3-0 lead, followed by a close second from EVOS Valkyrie 2-1. Close behind was Close Behind E-Sport at 1-2 and Barcy Esports at 0-3.

ASTK’s Candleburn started the second day by pulling off an incredible Sylas Mid against Janey’s Ornn and MissyHops’s Lissandra. It was apparent that BE improved from game to game in the entire tournament. However, ASTK’s flawless team-fighting gave them a clear advantage to close out the series 2-0.

The next match saw EVOS Valkyrie and Close Behind E-Sport face off. CBE almost took the game but a Baron steal from KillerTT turned things around. The game culminated in a nail-biting base race that ended in EVS’ favour. In Game 2, CBE fought back and took what was rightfully theirs with an aggressive Renekton top lane from Desserped, evening the score 1-1.  In Game 3, EVS and CBE would not give an inch. It was a struggle up until the 39-minute mark where CBE finally found the fight they were looking for and ended the game.

The finals saw ASTK face off an unexpected CBE. Desserped managed to get her prized Renekton again and it was up to ASTK to try and shut that down. CBE came out swinging against ASTK by taking multiple early kills against them. However, ASTK stuck to their guns and their discipline came through in an excellent Dragon fight, allowing them to turn the tide and take Game 1.

ASTK carried on their momentum in Game Two but CBE took matters to their own hands, winning teamfight after teamfight to claw themselves back into the game. ASTK and CBE met blow for blow with non-stop teamfights. Nobody knew who would come out on top. It was only after a nerve-wracking base race that CBE came up on top to tie the match 1-1.

It all came down to the one final game. With ASTK’s perfect record stained by their recent loss, it was do or die against the Thai squad. However CBE never gave ASTK much room to breathe, stealing dragons and taking massive trade ups against ASTK.  From then on, Close Behind E-Sport kept their momentum rolling and ended it in 29 minutes, becoming the first FSL Elite Champions.