Flash Wolves bounced back from their loss to SKT T1 and put up a good performance against LPL’s WE today at Rift Rivals Red 2017. We sat down with FW support SwordArt for an exclusive interview.

LMS went 2-1 on Day 2 of Rift Rivals. What do you think of the region’s performance?

SwordArt: I think all our teams did pretty well today. Definitely much better than we expected! We’re excited.

How do you feel about LMS’s chances going into the semifinals?

I think despite what others say, LMS has always been a very competitive region. Most importantly, we embrace our unique style.

Flash Wolves at the Rift Rivals Red 2017 opening ceremony

Flash Wolves experienced a few obstacles at the start of the split. How do you feel about the team’s current condition?

I believe it has brought us all closer as a team. We have improved a lot because of it. We’re always practicing, so we know we will get much stronger.

What do you think of Xayah and Rakan?

I think Xayah and Rakan have a lot of crowd control in their kit, which makes them very strong in teamfights. However, I feel that they have a weakness in lane that can be exploited by better players.

Is this why Flash Wolves hasn’t used them yet in bot lane?

Well, we’re open to using the duo when the opportunity arises. However, we also have to weigh their compatibility with our playstyles and team compositions.

Who do you think is the best Support player this tournament?

SKT T1 Wolf, for sure. I’ve studied him quite a bit and found that he knows how to do almost everything a support has to, perfectly.

Flash Wolves has many fans outside of Taiwan. Would you say a few words to them?

I really thank all our fans worldwide for supporting us in one way or another. We will definitely do our very best to have a deep run at Worlds this year. We hope that our fans will continue to support us!

Flash Wolves continue their run tomorrow for the LMS in the semifinals starting 4pm (GMT) against LPL.