After the Gigabyte Marines beat Fnatic, they took on Longzhu on day 2 of Groups. GAM went all out to announce that had something special prepared for the Korean number 1 seed. Everyone looked on in anticipation.

GAM delivered, with champion and role swaps.

Longzhu delivered, with standard League of Legends.

Having none of GAM’s antics, Longzhu walked into GAM’s jungle as five. They placed three level 1 deep wards that would spot lane swaps coming from a mile. The Marines then improvised, sending their mid laner to top, ADC to mid, top and support to bot, while Levi continued jungling.

Groups Day 2: LZ vs. GAM champ select
(Screenshot: LoL Esports)

Actively roaming on Rakan, Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon initiated dives and skirmishes to push for the win. A veteran support on Longzhu, he discloses to what extent the team was prepared for GAM, and life after the ROX Tigers.

How did you feel about playing against a team like GAM?
They’re a team that loves to have a variety of picks so that’s a point we needed to watch out for. Overall we just played as we used to.

Did you have fun?
Yes, I had fun and I feel really good. (laughs)

4-man LZ dive at bot lane (Screenshot: LoL Esports)

GAM revealed before the match they had something special for Longzhu. How did the team prepare?
We were actually watching the game between GAM and Fnatic and we were trying to find a weak spot. We did find it and leveraged on that as much as we can.

Did you expect Mordekaiser to be picked?
We didn’t really expect Mordekaiser to come up. But because Khan used it once in LCK, we knew how to deal with it.

You guarded against lane swap with early deep wards. You also dived bot and got first tower. What was your game plan after that?
The opponent was trying to roam around the sides and we were trying to cut off their jungle. That’s why I used mobility to do it fast.

What was the team communicating about at that point?
We all communicated at the same time. It was important for me to be with Gragas so we tried to come up with a plan where we could work together.

LZ Khan and GorillA backstage
(Photo credit: LoL Esports Flickr)

How has it been this year on Longzhu where you don’t get much resources at bot lane, and the jungler focuses top side?
(chuckle) I don’t really feel bad at all because other teams are putting their guards up against us. The fact that we’re winning shows that all of our lanes are really good.

How have you grown as a player being on a team with Khan, Cuzz and BDD?
Because I’m seasoned player, I’ve played for a long time, I sort of have my set ways on how to win. But I’ve learned a lot from other players on how to win [in other ways] as well.

I’m curious. Who do you support the most in real life?
PraY is a seasoned veteran player, so he doesn’t need much help. Cuzz and BDD, they’re really young players and they need a lot of help. (laughs)

What do they need help with?
Well it’s all these little things. One example would be when coming here, they would ask me, ‘Where to get shampoo? Can you help us get shampoo?’ (smiles) They really need a lot of help, but because they’re my team mates it doesn’t really matter. (chuckles)

What does it mean to you to come again to Worlds for another chance at the championship?
(smiles) It’s always an honour to come to a global stage like this.  I’ve come here again I think it’s really good opportunity to win because I haven’t won it before.

Fans in Asia adore you. Do you know that they make dolls of you?

What would you like to say to them?
It’s really a pleasure to have all these fans from far away. I’ve actually seen those dolls and they were really well made. They really made me happy. Having fans all around the world, I’m really grateful. Although I can’t do anything physically for them, (places hand on chest) I would like to say that I’m always grateful in my heart.

Longzhu complete this first week of Groups with a 3-0 record. Group B will play on 12 October (Thursday).

Side note: GorillA understood almost all the questions asked in English.
This interview was translated from Korean.